I’ll preface by announcing that I assume that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the excellent indicates on TV right now. However, this season’s Coors Light product placement inspires me! Glenn Howerton, aka. Dennis, I Tweeted the following: Would maximum folks, as an alternative, see us drink cans that say “BEER” on Sunny or get paid by COORS to make a great show that human beings like? I’m no longer certain I understand why that is an “or” assertion. Would the display stop existing without Coors? But I get his factor. The essential actors who also created the show probably failed to make a lot for the first few years and properly monetize. That being stated, I have issues.

The first is an entire loss of subtlety. Would a bar truly be subsidized almost completely via Coors Light? The signs and symptoms include napkin holders, napkins, a light shade over the pool deck, lack of other seen faucets, etc. Would bar owners ever drink equal beer exclusively? Only if that beer had been loose, which doesn’t appear. They had to blend it up with the copious quantity of beer selections. And the superiority of different characters consuming it throws Coors Light in viewers’ faces.

The second is a matter of preference. Coors Light seems like an extraordinary one for those guys. I lived in Philly for nine years and am assured that humans don’t drink Coors Light bottles unless on a great, reasonably-priced sale or unique deal. Nobody drinks Coors Light bottles in Philly dive bars, especially now, not in South Philly, where Paddy’s is. And worse, it’s no longer truly believed that any of the characters, storing the useless Dennis, would be consuming Coors Light. Remember that the crew drank less expensive wine from a Diet Coke can.


What They Should Be Drinking

Bars in South Philly can be more or less divided into categories: Hipster bars and local bars. Hipsters have moved into the wallet of South Philly. They commonly observe drinking PBR, cans like Dale’s Pale Ale, microbrews, and the nearby Victory Brewing Company. Considering that Paddy’s few customers are old guys, it’s not a hipster bar.


It is a local bar. Philly locals drink reasonably-priced domestic beer, but now not Coors Light bottles. Perennial favorites are Budweiser and Miller Lite. Budweiser is out, as it’s already been given the Entourage product placement. Miller Lite is an option. But the nice choice could be Yuengling, a step up from the heavily produced Miller. Yuengling is from Japanese Pennsylvania and has a semi-national footprint. The beer is served at Philly-area university keg parties while classing it up from the standard Natural Light. Yuengling is so widely widespread in the place that its flagship logo is surely called “lager.” For It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Yuengling could’ve healthy in seamlessly.

Maybe Yuengling had no interest in marketing via the show. Maybe they did. However, their bid became significantly worse than Coors Lights. I hate complaining about approximately a show I enjoy. However, they show they have executed a more sensible product placement if one had to fit all. The creator writes at The Efficient Drinker approximately alcohol calories and related modern-day events.