I am amazed at how often BBC Radio offers transgender and other gender problems. I discovered this because of a telephone call from a BBC Look North journalist asking for some recommendations concerning youngsters transitioning. This was triggered through a 15-minute drama collection on the problem on Woman’s Hour, which changed into broadcast the week before Christmas.

I hadn’t heard action, so I searched iPlayer and no longer only observed it but came across a Transgender link that revealed no fewer than 14 current clips, documentaries, and plays featuring transgender troubles broadcast on BBC Radio. Enough to justify a Transgender troubles page; a maximum of those programs will be had for multiple weeks.

Addresses an interesting topic I have by no means heard featured before on both radio and TV. The five-element drama written by Mark Davies Markham is referred to as Just A Girl. Amy was born a boy; however, at 11, she resides as a female and is determined to have therapy to block puberty. Faced with that selection, her father finds it tough to help her, and her grandfather refuses to look at Amy as a female. The play deals with the developing conflict inside their family as they all have to come to phrases with the irreversible exchange they may all be facing.

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In the previous week, the afternoon drama, The Giffnock Girls by Marcella Evaristi, functions three adolescent friends who reunite while PJ returns after years in New York and now lives as a girl. The play is commonly about humans going through a crisis; one of those is the acceptance of PJ as a woman. The following week, any other afternoon play by way of Mateusz Dymek, referred to as Pink Boy Blue Girl, is regarded to also cope with trans issues. It explores gender identification through a pair who’s determined to convey their infant gender impartially. The couple has decided now not to expose us to what the kid’s real gender is. This is a subject that the news ine in, and mother and father making the equal selection has come under great media strain. While beginning to discover this trouble – it is, in reality, more about the relationship issues of the couple than the gender troubles of the kid.


I am thrilled that transgender and gender identification troubles are getting such a high profile at the BBC and, more particularly, that there is a sturdy education flavor to the programs. Perhaps, 15 years after the first legislation to discriminate against Transgender people, we are, in the end, starting to see tremendous advertising of transgender issues, particularly trans problems, as part of existence.


I am, in reality, going to step up my hobby in promoting that message this year.

About the Author:

Rikki Arundel, founder of the Professional Speaking Association, is an Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Coach, and Diversity Training Expert who speaks notably about Sex, Gender, and Equality, particularly Transgender Awareness. Her seminars, like her articles, are wealthy in content but exciting.

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