How generally have you been far away from your trailer on a challenging trip with awesome buddies when you forestall for lunch or sightseeing? Then you recognize that you forgot your halter at the trailer. You can tie your horse up with headstall and reins, leaving the bit on your horse’s mouth, or sit or stand to protect your horse while everybody else has a calming lunch with a lovely view. That is not a laugh. When you choose to tie up along with your reins, new horses, and new humans, the stage is set for catastrophe. Your horse spooks units returned, and POP is going your reins or bridle if they are leather-based. When this happens, in all likelihood, you have bruised the bars of your horse’s mouth. This can motivate issues down the street while you want to bridle him later. If you have ever been in this situation, you possibly have watched your horse disappear down the path you rode up. Now you’re faced with strolling lower back to the path head or hoping that a person will trap your mount and come looking for you. Been there? I have. Not a pleasing enjoy at the quality.

If you operate leather-based tack, you must smooth regularly and watch for dry rot, breaks, and tears. I have used each nylon and leather tack. You couldn’t deliver me a nylon horse device; leather became the most effective tack I owned. At the time I had purchased what I concept was a precise nylon track, it grew to become a poly cloth with nickel-plated hardware. After six months of difficult daily riding, the hardware rusted, and the poly wore through. It became no longer a pretty site and luxurious at the cost of $eighty for a breast collar and headstall. That became about 18 years in the past. The revel in grew to become me off of nylon for numerous years. I used a Parker Trail Bridle on a dare. It is nylon with chrome steel buckles and rings on the halter nose. I was surprised at the flexibility and sturdiness of the track because I used a maximum of the Parker products that go with Trail Riding within the Arkansas Ozarks at one time or another.

Headstall Safety

When I began teaching young people to travel in the 90s, they were required to’ve at least a Parker Trail Bridle. I did not worry if the halter becameon the trailer or if the headstall turned ieft at home in the rush to load the horse. The bridle becomes there. When we got to a gap for lunch or a swim on the Buffalo River, a lead turned into snapped to the halter ring; bits had been unsnapped and tied to the saddle horn. The bit and reins had been smooth; they had been inside the saddle baggage—an immaculate option to a worrisome hassle.


The kids had been pleased that they could have the color they wanted and decorate it with a futurity knot brow, Aztec layout overlay, or an exceptional color overlay. They become sized to fit the smallest pony, Mustang, and the high-quality Quarter Horse. They are available in Mini to Draft measures and with a spread of reins. The Parker Trail Bridle has a unique characteristic within the back jaws that come up the horse’s jawline to the back of the ears. There is a slide to modify the length of the jaw strap. You must see it on a horse to know that it is the nice fitting path/halter bridle for any driving you could do.

Northwest Arkansas is what I have called home, considering that 1989. I have the Buffalo River National Park in my yard again. It is one of the most interesting driving regions in the United States. I will product test numerous of the new portions of the system developed with the aid of Parker Enterprises. That means I experience the easy trails and passes wherein it’s miles rugged and hard.
Awesome Riding with awesome pals.