Honored Social Activist and Blogger Charged in Vietnam

A Vietnamese blogger, honored by means of America for her activism, has been officially charged by the government of Vietnam.

Me Nam, or Mother Mushroom, faces 3 charges related to “accomplishing propaganda” against the authorities, VOA Vietnamese said.

Her given call is Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh. She has been detained when you consider that October 2016 and faces as much as 12 years in jail if discovered responsibly. The regulation used against her has drawn international grievance for giving the authorities strength to restrict free expression. Several lawyers have offered to represent Quynh in court.

Mother Mushroom changed into commemorated with America’s International Women of Courage Award in March. The U.S. State Department award acknowledges the “courage and management” of ladies around the arena. She becomes not capable of attending an award right in Washington led with the aid of first girl Melania Trump.

A State Department spokeswoman praised Quynh for “exposing corruption, raising recognition approximately environmental safety and reporting on human rights violations in Vietnam.”

Vietnam’s foreign ministry criticized U.S. Officers for giving the award to someone being investigated for violating Vietnamese law.

Quynh also obtained the 2015 Civil Rights Defender of the Year award for speaking out freely in opposition to injustices and human rights abuses in Vietnam.

Quynh started out blogging as Mother Mushroom in 2006. She is also a founding member of the Vietnamese Bloggers Network. It is one of the few impartial blogging agencies in a kingdom where the ruling Communist Party tightly controls the media and writers.

Among her current campaigns, she blogged about the authorities’ dealing with of a chemical spill at Formosa, a Taiwanese-owned steel plant in significant Vietnam. The spill killed eighty lots of fish, embarrassing the Vietnamese authorities as photos of useless fish along stunning seashores had been published worldwide.


Thousands of protesters verified on the plant and in cities all through Vietnam. The April 2016 incident is broadly seen as having raised environmental attention and activism in Vietnam.

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The motion led the steel organization to accept full responsAre You Blogging Too Much?
The ability for the fish kill. It additionally pledged to pay $500 million in damages for dumping poisonous wastewater into the South China Sea.

I’m Jonathan Evans.

An Hai mentioned this story for VOA Vietnamese. Bryan Lynn tailored it for Learning English. Hai Do was the editor.
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