Katie Sturino became tired of handling thigh chafes or even more uninterested in the beauty enterprise, ignoring this hassle that she took subjects into her own hands. In June of 2017, she released Megababe, and 12 months later, she’s helping girls combat thigh chafes and take care of female hygiene in an encouraging, honest, and actual way.

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As the founder of The12ishStyle, a weblog dedicated to conversations around body positivity, Sturino noticed a large gap in how ladies have been advertised with beauty products. “We have 500 specific approaches you can use to restore a wrinkle, fix your cellulite, tighten your pores and skin, darken your skin, color your hair — however, there’s nothing out there to cope with something quite unusual (thigh chafe). This isn’t a spot problem; this is quite a giant trouble that girls deal with to some degree in any one-of-a-kind sizes.”

What commenced as one product in 2017 has now become five products dedicated to helping girls experience security in their pores and skin and erase stigma. Sturino shared her suggestions on launching a product for the first time and defined why understanding the market and growing something she could use is a priority for her logo.

Do your research before launching.

“My largest piece of recommendation is the recommendation that I’ve used and implemented in everything I commenced: don’t soar into a crowded pool and not use heritage and no investment and assume to prevail. You want to be available with differentiation. I realize the marketplace back and front, so I realize what’s out there and that there’s a want for this.”

Know how the market presently speaks to your target audience.

“I had been the usage of one-of-a-kind hacks and different things that have been fine but not geared closer to a woman. I desired something that turned into made for me, and now, not an athlete or a person. So I looked at the market and became amazed that matters that existed for girls were cheesy and uncomfortable and was like, ‘Why isn’t this an aspect?’ Why has no person recognized and capitalized on this want in the market? Many ladies enjoy thigh chafe and boob sweat daily, but there is no merchandise, particularly for the one’s troubles centered on girls, that we can proudly use. So that’s what I set out to create – female products that paint, remedy problems, and look adorable at the same time as doing it.”

Think approximately how you’re one of a kind.

“What are you bringing to the table that will excite human beings that they couldn’t discover elsewhere? If you’re going to fill the world with a product, ensure there’s room for it so that you don’t emerge as going in opposition to companies with one billion dollars and research labs that might be developing things faster.”

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It’s okay not to have all of the solutions in advance. “My naiveté helped me no longer be scared of things like managing all of the issues you run into while creating a demanding product that might make your commercial enterprise hard. There are many matters you don’t recognize while you’re launching. Not knowing what we have been up against was helpful. I had never created something. We are a self-funded agency, meaning everything is on us, and all the chance is there. However, all of the praise is there, too.”

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. “I grab statistics wherein I can. I’m no longer afraid to invite questions. You, without a doubt, should determine it yourself. If you’re now not someone cozy doing that or being on the unstable floor, then that’s (launching an emblem) not for you.”

Having a personal internet presence helps. “It genuinely paves the way to simplify the title, not having to position so much money into marketing bucks. Brands with a founder at the back of it have greater of a story than something that pops up. Megababe is all about human contact. This was no longer created in a boardroom primarily based on market studies. I created this emblem based on my private needs and years and years of personal experience. I speak to my clients ordinarily. I listen to their testimonies. I take their comments, and that’s how we are growing this brand. People need the tales and connection.”

Create products for your self and your community will follow. “I’m not making merchandise for everybody else because they’re everything I need. I tried all the famous deodorant manufacturers in the marketplace. I didn’t have whatever within the market that labored for me that didn’t have aluminum in it. The products I’m arising with for 2019 are all things that for a long time I even had trouble.”

Consider your product message and how you market it for your network. “I don’t need you to experience ashamed about the solution you’re the use of. It’s thigh chafe. It’s now not a worldwide disaster, but on a small level, it’s just some other factor that women have internalized as shameful because they don’t have a thigh hole or a ‘Toblerone tunnel.’ That’s simply every other way to chip at ladies’ vanity. We’re empowering them and announcing, ‘yeah, I chafe big deal — I look excellent, and I’m strolling at the beach in my swimsuit.'”