A Republican excellent PAC has commenced airing a TV ad invoking Beto O’Rourke’s 1998 under the influence of alcohol-driving arrest, a giant escalation within the air battle against the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate with less than a week after Election Day.

In the commercial, the organization ESAFund seizes on a Washington Post reality check of the El Paso congressman’s claim during a September debate that he “did no longer attempt to leave the scene of the accident.” The Post gave O’Rourke “Four Pinocchios” for the statement, pointing to a police file from the time that cited a witness announcing he attempted to flee.

“What’s worse — using under the influence of alcohol or lying about it?” a narrator asks in the 30-second spot, which begins with pictures of an unrelated automobile coincidence, then goes over the truth test and ends with O’Rourke’s mugshot. “Beto O’Rourke put Texas lives in danger — and he would not deserve your vote.”

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With much less than every week to move, ESAFund goes on TV with @BetoORourke’s 1998 DWI arrest: “Beto O’Rourke put Texas lives in danger, and he does not deserve your vote.” Seen this night on KPRC in Houston:

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The reality check becomes arguable because of the conflicting debts about whether or not he attempted to escape the scene. O’Rourke later asserted that the “police record in this matter is incorrect.” The Texas Tribune, thank you for its sponsors. Become one. “I reached out to the passenger who turned into in the vehicle that I changed into riding — which additionally does no longer seem in the police report, amongst different factual errors — anyone that I’ve not spoken to in more than 15 years, and requested her recollection of that evening,” O’Rourke stated during an interview at the Texas Tribune Festival in September. “She stated, ‘No, we had been within the street’s median. We did not try to flee. I don’t understand that there has been everywhere we should have long gone.'”

According to reviews, O’Rourke was arrested on the scene and charged with using. At the same time, intoxicated; however, he went on to finish a court docket-approved diversion program, and the expenses have been dropped. He has spoken brazenly about the episode as an inexcusable mistake, even though the alleged try to flee has not surfaced until his modern-day campaign.

The ad is being subsidized using a six-parent buy within the Houston vicinity, according to the president of ESAFund, Brian Baker. Earlier Wednesday, the organization disclosed to the Federal Election Commission that it had unloaded $636,000 against O’Rourke, maximum on media placement. O’Rourke’s marketing campaign did not respond immediately to a message in search of touch upon the advert.


ESAFund, formerly called the Ending Spending Action Fund, joined the Senate race early remaining month while it dropped over $1 million on a TV advert buy featuring a niche attacking O’Rourke as a “Democrat under the effect of Nancy Pelosi,” the House minority chief. At the time, it became unclear who invested in the great PAC because of FEC deadlines; subsequent reviews display that it had acquired $3.Five million from three donors: Las Vegas casino multi-millionaire Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam, as well as any other GOP megadonor, Marlene Ricketts.

ESAFund is among four first-rate PACs that have racked up seven-parent investments within the Senate race, the biggest player being the seasoned Cruz organization Texans Are. Three of the four superb PACs are on Cruz’s facet, even as the opposite — Texas Forever, the most current entrant inside the race — benefits O’Rourke.