I regularly pay attention to seething wives because they may be looking to reconnect with their husbands and store their marriage after their affair. Still, their husband is protecting the alternative lady. The spouse often does not recognize how her husband will be so stupid as to observe his wife and watch the lady who’s the source of all their issues.

I heard from a spouse who stated: “To be quite honest, I hate the alternative lady. I mean, I loathe her. I suppose she’s a low, nice tramp who set out to take what changed into mine. I suppose she is a liar and a cheat. She knows my family. I would not call us pals anymore. But I know her youngsters and her husband. I recognize how she went behind each one’s return and pursued my husband. I recognize how she lied right to my face. I recognize how she took benefit of the truth that I was going through clinical problems that harassed my marriage even as she pounced like the predator she was. But once I inform my husband of this, he will say that I am making assumptions and do not recognize that plenty approximately her. He will guarantee that she’s not an evil character and has some redeeming qualities. This infuriates me! Why does he defend her conduct?” I have a few theories on this, which I will speak about.

Some Reasons That Husbands Defend The Other Woman: I truly recognize why this angers you. It’s clean to hate the alternative female. It’s normal to make her out to be the villain. And I do not suppose that anybody can deny that a girl who preys on some other woman’s husband (while she is aware that he is married and is married herself) lacks integrity and moral individuality. But you recognize what? When you provide your husband a laundry list of the things that might be deplorable approximately her, he frequently is aware that these attributes observe him.

If you say that the other lady was a sneaky, evil character who snuck around and took advantage of the wife’s infection, nicely, all of these attributes apply to the husband. He snuck around and used the wife’s medical remedies to fulfill the alternative female. So, it can be painful for him to listen to you tearing into her when he knows he’s just as responsible.

Man Defend

Also, it is commonplace for guys to sense a little shielding about something to do with the affair (including the other woman.) This is because he feels the need to justify his movements. If we define the other lady as an uncongenial, conniving, hideous creature that doesn’t deserve the time of day, then what does this say about your husband and his judgment? What does this say about his decision-making process and impulse manipulation? He would not want to admit those terrible matters to himself. And accepting the negative things about her approach, he has no desire to know the poor things about himself.

Many better halves worry that the husband’s defense of the opposite female can suggest that he is still invested and has feelings for her. Sometimes, that is feasible, and you need to be at the appearance out for it. Many husbands tell me that they discover it difficult to flip off their emotions for the opposite lady once the affair has been found. It’s as if they may be unexpectedly purported to hate this man or woman with whom they’ve spent a whole lot of time and for whom they risked quite a chunk. If they knew how foolish they were to take those dangers for someone with no redeeming qualities, then they virtually appear like an idiot. And even folks with a guilty judgment of right and wrong who are conscious that they are incorrect do not want to appear an idiot.


So keep in mind that now and then, his protecting the alternative woman is a method of self-renovation and an effort to keep at least some of their self-worth. It would not constantly suggest that they still have feelings for her and don’t want to keep their marriage. It can indicate that they pay attention to your criticism of her as a complaint of them and the affair, which will be painful. So they need to keep away from it. And a part of that is attempting to shut you down when you talk about her.

How To Handle It When Your Husband Keeps Defending The Other Woman: Hopefully, you may recognize why he’s been shielding. Now, let’s talk about the way to deal with it. The next time those conversation come up, you could say something like: “We are just going to must agree to disagree on the subject of her. I will by no means look at her favorably, but that does not count all that an awful lot because going ahead, it’s miles approximately me and you. It’s not about her. In truth, I’d want to prevent placing my attention on her and set my attention on us.” This is the pleasant way to head because, quite frankly, it doesn’t count what kind of character she is in phrases of your marriage. What matters is that you heal, flow ahead, and someday be happy and fulfilled.