Rid yourself of your rationality and step into the all-herbal global of Freelee the Banana Girl, an Australian YouTuber and blogger who’s presently embroiled in some grade-A niche drama. In 2014, she won infamy inside the lifestyle blogger scene while she promoted her fifty one-bananas-a-day weight-reduction plan, and on the grounds that then, she has pivoted into a nude vegan blogger who lives in a South American jungle — or so she says. In current weeks, some of her followers have accused her of no longer being so off-the-grid in spite of everything, with one commenter going as far as to make the outlandish declare that she’s dwelling in a mansion with a non-public photographer — costs that Freelee, who keeps she has “been dwelling in a tent underneath a shed for plenty months, via monsoonal rains and gale pressure winds,” strongly denies.Image result for This Nude Vegan Blogger Drama Is Incredible

Who is Freelee the Banana Girl?
Freelee is a famous raw vegan YouTuber and blogger who has amassed extra than 425,000 followers between her two Instagram money owed, @freelee_official and @freeleethebananagirl, and almost 785,000 followers on her YouTube channel. Originally from Queensland, Australia, the 37-year-old influencer (whose actual name is Leanne Ratcliffe) is now currently living an “off-grid” lifestyle in the South American jungle together with her companion.

Wait, first, why does she name herself that?
She follows a frugivorous weight-reduction plan, that means that she usually most effective eats culmination. Most of her day by day food consumption comes inside the form of “mono food” that include a unmarried form of fruit, together with complete pineapples or five mangoes. After 4 p.M., she ditches her raw food plan and will on occasion indulge in a cooked mono meal; for example, she as soon as ate nearly 8 pounds of cooked potatoes for dinner. However, she sometimes will select to have a 3rd meal of fruit to bring up her each day calorie intake to anywhere from 2,000 to five,000.

Also, she freaking loves bananas — a lot that on occasion, she reputedly eats up to twenty at a time, and as soon as ate fifty one in a day.

So what’s the massive controversy surrounding her?
It all started out in February 2018, whilst Freelee decided to go away the “concrete jungle” for “the jungle,” and moved to a cabin in a South American jungle along with her partner. There, she feels “freer than ever.”

“I spend maximum of my day nude; freed from restrictive apparel,” she wrote on Facebook in February. “I ceremonial dinner mostly on natural culmination and vegetables picked from the land. I shower in monsoonal rains and drink from pristine creeks. I give up an unhealthy relationship and determined peace. I haven’t shaved my frame hair, dyed my hair, or worn make-up in over 6 months.”

But in the past few weeks, her followers have grow to be suspicious of her so-called “grid-loose” life-style, accusing her of the whole thing from secretly dwelling in a mansion to being a fraud for the usage of a telephone and pc. In overdue June, she addressed the allegations on Instagram.

“One commenter stated I turned into lying and residing in a mansion out here and feature a photographer who follows me around taking all my pix,” she wrote. “Not pretty hunny. In fact I’ve been living in a tent beneath a shed for plenty months, through monsoonal rains and gale force winds.”Image result for This Nude Vegan Blogger Drama Is Incredible

In the equal submit, she addressed the person that wondered her use of electronics within the jungle, writing: “Yes, I do have a clever smartphone (however no reception), laptop and net made possible thru a satellite connection. Necessary gear of conversation and income. This method I can share with you what I see as an empowering urgent message. At this level I can’t send you that message telepathically.”

She’ll have you ever know, per her Instagram, that her lifestyles has been “REALLY tough at times.”

Has there been drama around her before?
Ohhhhhhhh sure. In 2016, Elizabeth Ribar wrote an essay on XOJane accusing Freelee of bullying one of her “preferred” YouTubers, Pilates trainer Cassey Ho of Blogilates and POP Pilates. As an try to show that the Banana Girl is rotten at her center, Ribar added up the case of well-known Australian health guru Kayla Itsines, who sued Freelee and her companion lower back in 2015 for defamation after they made some of disparaging comments on their channels, insinuating that Itsines’s The Bikini Body Guide starves humans and that Itsines’s boyfriend “pimps” her out and uses steroids.

Uh …
It’s ok, she’s simply trying to co-create a “new global” with us.