Android is largely a software stack built particularly for cell gadgets that consist of a working system, middleware, and key packages. Taken over by using Google in 2005, these days, Android OS is one of the maximum famous working gadgets for telephones, and cellular groups all around the globe are accepting it with open arms. Recently Google promised a sequence of superb adjustments regarding Android because the operating gadget is mountain climbing the pinnacle of recognition. More than 60 Android smartphones are available within the marketplace today, and more than 100,000 fashions are bought on a day-by-day basis.

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Today, Android OS is the arena’s nice-selling cellphone platform. It offers its users extra than 200,000 apps; however, with the rising popularity, critics are pretty certain that it will pass the 1 million mark quickly. Google has made completely explosive access within the mobile marketplace with Android, and this clever circulation has served them very well. Today, Android smartphones also hold the respect of being the fastest promoting phones within the market.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Android Phones

The availability of various operating structures and telephones has stressed the majority. Should they are trying out Android phones or no? Perhaps an overview of the pros and cons of Android phones will assist potential smartphones buyers make a stronger desire.

User-Friendliness Pros

People can have all the Android advantages they need to apply. It is one of the most user-pleasant cell operating systems globally, and customization is quite smooth.


When a user can personalize the telephone to their heart’s content, they are sure to make a large number. This freedom of customization is sure to create a few problems shortly. Before shopping for an Android cell phone, it’s miles smart to have technical knowledge approximately the functioning of the gadget.

Hardware Pros

Most Android smartphones have an alternative of a detachable battery that permits all its customers to buy an extra battery if the vintage one does not work for a few reasons. If the internal memory of the cellphone is just too small for the person, an expandable memory alternative is usually there. An SD card may be sold for more memory. Virtual typing is the brand new ‘IN THING.’ It is a laugh for a few human beings and a problem for a few. Since the concept of digital typing or ‘Touch Screen’ is still new, many Android telephones are nonetheless available with a typing keyboard.

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A large drawback with maximum Android phones is the small screen size. sThe preference for telephones available with physical keyboards is very much less, and maximum customers are not satisfied with the terrible image quality of cell cameras. This shortcoming makes a few competitions like the iPhone a better alternative.


Choices Pros

The current recognition of the Android OS has led leading mobile telephone corporations like HTC, Samsung Electronics, Motorola, and lots of others to pick Android to run their smartphones. The market is flooded with exceptional sorts of gadgets consisting of tablet PCs, tune players, and other devices which run on Android OS.


People say that too much of whatever is horrific. So many smartphones within the marketplace, and it’s far sincerely now impossible to preserve a music of execs and cons of each Android telephone. Each telephone is better than the following, and except and until customers do not purchase the smartphone, it’s miles tough to point out the shortcomings of the product.

Applications Pros

The Android Market has over 200,000 apps now, and many extra are introduced on an everyday foundation. It is effortless to put in and download apps from the Android Market. If the user is uninterested in an app, they can easily dispose of it from the cell phone; the methods are not lengthy and time-consuming like other telephones.


The Apple App Store continues to be presented better and many apps than the present Android Market. This downside can be very costly for Android who’s trying very difficult to provide difficult competition to Apple. Plus, many beneficial apps in Android Market are not free, which once more manner spending money buying them.

Launch of Android OS Pros

The nice component about Google’s Android is that it launches a new version of Android almost every three months. The new version approach many greater programs and games to select from, and various bugs are eliminated and upgrades over the older version. Updating the cell phone with new variations allows users to experience better offerings.


Not everybody is glad about this consistent alternate by way of Google. The reality isn’t always anybody can afford to maintain updating their telephones with more modern variations of Android now and then. Many human beings strive to root their cellphone that’s considered very volatile to maintain the smartphone updated. Rooting an Android smartphone is equal to jailbreaking an iPhone; one incorrect pass and the cell phone may be as useless as a brick. Hence, rooting always needs to be accomplished after searching at the various dangers.