Danielle Bernstein launched her fashion blog, WeWoreWhat when she becomes simplest a sophomore in college. In beneath a decade, the native New Yorker has elevated her website into an aspirational fashion emblem, with 1.8 million fans on Instagram alone. She became one of the first influencers to parlay blogging and ‘gramming right into a full-time process and seeing that then has launched her own garb line, Second Skin Overalls, and teamed up with different brands to proportion her eager eye. She tells us all about it.Image result for Style Inspo And The Best Part Of Her Job

Danielle Bernstein sporting a healthy from her Onia collaborationCOURTESY OF WEWOREWHAT.COM

Initially, why did you start WeWoreWhat? WeWoreWhat started out as a street style weblog nearly 9 years ago, to offer a daily supply of outfit idea for some thing that needs to be the perfect part of your day: getting dressed within the morning. About six months in I grew to become the camera around onto myself and WeWoreWhat have become a personal style diary.

How did you grow your target market throughout all your structures? My following is a product of natural growth and staying proper to my emblem. My fans can believe anything I promote, which has been extraordinarily critical.

How could you describe your style aesthetic? Minimal and easy, whilst final elegant and on trend.


Why is it so critical so as to lead a wholesome way of life? It’s so imperative for me to lead a healthful way of life because my agenda—and a variety of humans can relate to this—receives so chaotic that exercise and wholesome diets can slip. I try to make it a factor to guide through example and provide my fans clean pointers and tricks they can contain into their each day lives. That’s why I changed into outstanding excited when FIJI Water ultimately launched a sports activities cap bottle! The new sports cap makes it even more handy to hydrate while working out.

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Why did you sign on to become a FIJI Water ambassador? I signed directly to turn out to be a FIJI Water ambassador due to the fact I get to speak about things outdoor of style which are simply as crucial to me, which include health and running out. I’ve been with my FIJI Water fam for over two years now. It’s been certainly one of my favourite partnerships of the 9 years I’ve been doing this due to the fact the logo suits so seamlessly into my existence, plus I was already a customer for years! Additionally, they are a real partner in the sense that we work collaboratively together on the innovative the front that’s critical to me as a content material creator.

How do you exercise self-care? Sticking to a healthy weight loss program and, of direction, drinking heaps of water are my predominant methods to exercise self-care. I realize drinking as much water as possible is essential when visiting and flying so much. I also attempt to ‘flip it off’ as a lot as I can and I’ve also turn out to be definitely into Pilates and meditation.

Image result for Style Inspo And The Best Part Of Her Job
Danielle Bernstein practising PilatesCOURTESY OF @WEWOREWHAT

Why is it vital to you to set that instance in your fans? If I can encourage someone to take higher care in their health and typical wellbeing, then I sense that I’m setting my platform to correct use. I proportion workout pointers and weight loss plan hints thru my social media pages. My followers have clearly requested for it in DMs and remarks, so I comprehend it’s some thing they’re seeking out and keen to pay attention extra of. Some examples consist of dancing a sweat with the Rickey sister to expose it’s smooth to get a very good exercise in just your living room, or creating my favored smoothies with fitness and well-being teach Melissa Wood Health.

Why did you release Second Skin Overalls? When I commenced my blog, my tag line become ‘overalls are my 2d skin’ due to the fact I changed into always carrying them. I in no way observed a pair that I loved every part of and I noticed a space inside the marketplace that I knew I could fill. I set out to create a collection of 5 patterns that had been in my eyes the proper pairs of overalls and jumpsuits. Since launching over years in the past, there were over 15 patterns created, and counting!

Overalls can be intimidating to tug off. How can each person discover the proper pair and lead them to paintings? When I layout new styles, I try to make sure the match is without a doubt flattering for all body kinds. Showing my fans special methods to style them is also vital so that human beings aren’t as intimidated.

Danielle Bernstein in White Linen Short, $118, ssobydanielle.ComCOURTESY OF SECOND SKIN OVERALLS

What had been some of your preferred style collaborations? I grow to be falling in love with all of my collaborations due to the fact I’m so involved in every a part of the technique, however some of my favorites were my Onia collections after which my earrings collaboration, which become with Lulu DK. Lulu DK approached me about developing a collection of easy, gold earrings that become not handiest low priced, however regarded of a higher fee factor. This became my first time doing a jewellery collaboration and it was truly amusing and one-of-a-kind for me. No be counted what the product category is, I try to preserve the charge point practicable for my fans while staying authentic to my style.

Where do you get design notion from? Aside from humans I follow on Instagram, I draw loads of notion from the human beings of New York City. I more recently have been loving pulling inspo from antique snap shots.

What’s an average paintings day like? It’s always unique, but commonly starts with coffee and sitting at my big eating desk with my crew. We go through emails and the time table for the day. Our days can consist of things like press appointments, lunches with brands I may additionally or won’t paintings with already, smartphone calls and conferences for SSO by means of Danielle, shooting each day clothing, and so forth.

Danielle Bernstein sporting earrings from her LuLuDK collaborationCOURTESY OF WEWOREWHAT.COM

What’s the maximum challenging thing of your task? I suppose the toughest a part of my job is constantly being ‘on.’ It’s tough to be within the highlight and have human beings usually trying to you for advice, outfit posts, and many others. Taking a weekend completely off from social media is difficult to do and every so often I emerge as feeling guilty, however I understand it’s crucial to do on occasion.

What’s your favourite part of your job? The countless possibilities that include it. The travelling and those I meet along the way.