So you want to start a blog and carve out a little corner of the internet to name your own — that’s a remarkable and popular impulse. As humans, we are growing a whole cyber-dimension, skinned right on the pinnacle of our own; having your rectangular inch of a trendy international is exciting! Highly endorse! SEE ALSO: 10 of the quality WordPress web hosting vendors for starting your weblog

I’ve been blogging since 2012 in some form or any other, and beginning a blog way lower, back-whilst has gotten me almost every unmarried process (and the various friends) I’ve had since. If it’s something you’re curious about doing, don’t allow something to prevent you from diving right in. Here’s our step-by-step guide for what you need to realize to start running a blog.

1. Choose your subject matter and make a plan

What will your blog be about? Blogging isn’t journalism (even though it can be if you’re a journalist); it’s non-public. It doesn’t pull away from the “I.” Starting a weblog is a commitment — you’ll doubtlessly give yourself years’ worth of posts on a topic, so it must speak to your soul. If it’s something you’ve got pre-current information in, deliver that understanding to the table. If it’s something you’ve usually desired to recognize, carry an enthusiasm for studies and be honest roughly where you’re beginning — start as an amateur. What your fans are interested in, whether you’re talking about donuts or car tires, is you. So, in case you’re taking a journey and getting to know new matters (as we all are, always, forever), talk about your manner and the issues that wonder you.

When posting content on the net, you have an obligation for a fact. Yes, you are probably posting creative pieces or changing names — blogs are available in all sizes and styles, despite everything — However, what I inform anybody once I speak to them about starting a blog is that all of us have an obligation, as residents of the internet, now not to erode the facts. That doesn’t suggest you want citations (though you could be laying out academic arguments or using statistics). If you’re converting names, observe the approximate section. If you specialize in opinion, make it clear in writing. When doubtful, hyperlink it: Where did you locate the reality or story or look at how you’re running a blog? Stay as obvious as viable.

Pro tip: Find your lane

You won’t start with understanding a topic, and that’s okay; however, be aware of the cultural and social history of the issue. Are you running a blog about Indigenous Hawaiian Art when you’re neither Indigenous nor Hawaiian? Retake a step and reflect onconsideration on why you’re telling the tale you’re describing. I’m now not announcing don’t write it; I am announcing locate approaches to uplift the oldsters already speaking approximately it and attempt no longer to pass yourself off as an authority. Remember: when it comes to a blog, your readers are interested in what YOU carry to the table. So, if you’re taking place in a data adventure, bring us along. Tell us exactly where you’re coming from (and how you’re coming to) a subject.

2. Build your community

The topic is high-quality, well, and properly, but lots of issues are pretty narrow, and maybe you’ve been given five or six portions on a topic before you’ve explored all you could. That’s why I say, along with the case, reflect onconsideration on community. What groups on the net do you belong to? Where do you grasp out? Who are you interested in talking with? Is it the lesbians who write erotica? The cryptozoologists? Are the folks targeted totally on skincare and makeup? Carve out your niche and create content material just for them.

When it involves the net, the network wins each time: the sector-wide web is ready to connect humans to other human beings. So brainstorm a list of your preferred humans to read and listen to and the styles of communities they hang out in. How can you take part in the communique?

Pro tip: Take part

I’m now not just speakme approximately responding to feedback for your weblog, although it starts offevolved there. I’m speaking about studying and commenting on different human beings’ blogs who are also writing. Follow them on social media and honestly engage. No longer just because you want them to be characteristic of you on their blog or to return do a visitor put up on yours (although collaborations are terrific, and you must do them). Participation handiest works while genuine because you’re curious about what they’re saying or doing and are not looking to get something for yourself.


  • Making a plan (and sticking to it) is a critical step.
  • Making a plan (and sticking to it) is a vital step.

3. Set a posting schedule — and stick with it

I’m going to get technical for only a second. When it involves SEO, blogs that aren’t current often fall in the Google search outcomes. But more importantly, don’t leave your readers putting! Pick a schedule and, except when a planned excursion or total catastrophe occurs, stick with it. Be sensible about that agenda — 3 instances an afternoon might not be for you, except this is your full-time activity (and even then, gradually down, pal). Does it as soon as weekly paintings? Once monthly?

Defining what achievement looks like must be a vital part of the preliminary technique. Step back and ask yourself why you need to try this. Is it because you’ve continually desired to make a webcomic and don’t care how many folks see it? Or do you want to release another component of your career or commercial enterprise potentially? Whatever achievement way to you, recognize this: it doesn’t appear per week. I’m providing you with permission to start at the very beginning. As Julie Andrews says, it’s a perfect area to start. Keep updating frequently, and your achievement will come, something that looks as if to you. It may take a minute, so sit back and revel in the journey.

Pro-Tip: Write your first three posts

Before you even begin futzing around with structures and website hosting, write your first three weblog posts to see if you want your preferred subject matter and if you’ve got sufficient to mention it. Could you not put them everywhere? Use software like Ulysses, iA Writer, or Byword that permits linking (and publishes to a ramification of systems) to cut down on steps (and get yourself distraction-loose writing surroundings). This will let you sharpen your voice earlier than you’ve ever devoted to online placing an unmarried weblog submission.

4. Select a running blog platform

Now that you’ve got a plan, it’s time to discern how you will execute it. There are places you might need to start regarding the technical aspects — the primary is a blogging platform. While many website builders are excellent for static pages, ensure you choose software for running a blog. Otherwise, you’re in for a frustrating time.


Squarespace is steeply priced, however, in phrases of bang for newbie greenback, and it’s a splendid choice. It affords the running of a blog content material manager, the host, and the domain call all in one move. And with templates, the design seems extraordinary right out of the container. They also have 24/7 customer support, and they’re mighty. If you haven’t any previous blogging, enjoy. I especially advocate at least thinking about starting here. They were given a loose trial, so you can play around and notice what running with Squarespace would look like.


I frequently advise WordPress because it powers March fifteenth, 2018, 30% of websites. That way, even if you forestall running a blog in a year or two, the competencies you’ve discovered are translatable to quite a few one-of-a-kind jobs on account that probabilities are true that your organization’s website may also run on WordPress. I also recommend it because WordPress is a device that grows with you: whether or not you recognize nothing about HTML or internet improvement, or you already know loads, you may use WordPress at your degree. And as it’s so popular, many designers have made loose and paid templates for it, making the platform hella customizable. There are specific WordPress. WordPress.Com is an income-primarily based platform with free and paid capabilities wherein you may host and get your area name for a rate. WordPress.Org is the home of open-source WordPress software, which is unfastened but requires a few greater steps to install (like obtaining website hosting and a website name).


Listen, if you need a solid-looking blog and haven’t any cash. You’re true with a beautiful (but familiar) appearance. Medium is a super preference, and it’s the quickest way to begin a blog from any of the alternatives listed here. Some lots are high quality, about Medium, except that as well. Many publications run on Medium (suppose The Nib or Doctor). If you manifest to jot down for everyone else who uses Medium even as you’re blogging, all remain on your Medium profile. You can also start a collaborative blog without problems with Medium, so if you’re searching for something you and a pal can do together, this one is probably for you.

Other options

While those are my top choices, there are lots of running a blog platform accessible to attempt. A conventional one is Blogger using Google, which is loose and smooth, but those blogs have a reputation for being a piece at the ugly aspect. Then there’s Weebly, which has a free variation and specific pricing degrees relying on what you want, starting at $four monthly to attach a website you already have (more on that in a second).

Wix is similar to Weebly, with its most basic paid plan beginning at $5. Tumblr is a choice if your blog is geared toward fandom or another die-tough network (assume Studyblr, a community of analyzing college students, Witchblr, a community of practicing Pagans), and it’s an unfastened provider. You can even use a domain call you already have, but it’s a chunk…superior.

Pro-Tip: Free trials

Do them! In reality, even for the free structures, to begin with, make an account and try them out. I can speak until I’m blue inside the face about the professionals and cons of each; in the long run, regardless of what I say, if you hate using what you pick, you received’t a blog.

5. Claim your area name

A domain call is a URL that oldsters type into the browser to reach your internet site. It’s like your fingerprint on the internet — no two are precisely identical. When you have an extraordinary concept, you have to seek it immediately to see if it’s taken and then snap it up if it’s not. But if you snap it up and decide to go together with Squarespace, which comes with a domain name registration, you’re paying needless cash. There are many approaches to go about this. A definitive step-by-step is nigh near impossible. All I can say is this: When you have an awesome idea for a website called Right Now, stop analyzing and search for it at one of the following registrars.


Namecheap is my non-public favorite registrar, often because I’ve never had a hassle with it (and I’ve bought domains from many locations). It’s easy to apply with correct customer service.


Domainr lets you get a piece more clever together with your domains by imparting you with several options to spell what you type using the TLD (pinnacle stage area, otherwise known as “the bit after the duration.”.Com is the most not unusual one). For instance, I helped locate and run a literary mag called Qu.Ee/r — and that was our URL…He is the Estonian TLD.

In the technology of the internet past, the not unusual understanding was to take the call of your blog and make sure to get the.Com, Org, and .Net URLs. That, in reality, made a kind of net gridlock, and we’ve lots extra TLDs to pick from — things like. Layout and Camp and.A laugh. The commonplace information doesn’t seem like a great deal, but if you could, take hold of the Com and a couple of others with identical names, still your blog name.

Even if you don’t simply plan to use it to its fullest again, you should get your name so no person can do things you hate with it, after which have it rank number one in Google searches while human beings Google you. If you couldn’t get the.Com, use every other TLD — something, get a variation of your call, put a touchdown page with a résumé up there, or forward it for your blog by including it to your host as a forwarded domain.

Pro-Tip: Read them out loud

I have a pal named Carmen Rios, whose URL is, which sounds badass and on-logo for her. I use her internet site as an instance of a great area name purchase all of the time. A scholar, who we’ll name John Michael, attempted to replicate her and acquired the area name johnfuckingmichael. He didn’t realize until after purchasing it that maybe this changed into not the same brilliant choice for him. Remember: there are no capital letters or spaces on the website. Always read your domains aloud and display them to multiple people you consider before hitting the “purchase” button, lest you wind up here.

  • A host is a 3rd birthday celebration that actually “hosts” your weblog on its server.
  • A host is a 3rd birthday party that truly “hosts” your blog on its server.

6. Find a host

Suppose you’ve selected Squarespace, Medium, or the.Com kind of WordPress; you, in reality, don’t have to fear this bit. But if you’ve gone the path of the.Org form of WordPress (or any quantity of other weblog management structures), you’ll need to put your blog on a server. All meaning is a computer connected to the internet 24/7 and may serve it speedily to browsers worldwide, regardless of time or region. A host is a 3rd birthday celebration that literally “hosts” your website on a server. Here are a few accurate options:


Bluehost is fee-effective and has extraordinary customer service. I use Bluehost, and each time I advise college students or customers, I even have them use it. You get an unfastened domain with quite a few exclusive applications, meaning your environment and your host can all be from one region (simpler to maintain track of and easier to install). And in case you’ve chosen to paint with WordPress, they’ve got a one-click on WordPress deployment. Installing software on a server is a little more complex than doing so without your PC, and you may do it without the advantage of an installer, so the one-click on install virtually is seized.


I bring this up because you might have already offered your domain via them. Namecheap additionally affords to host, and if you need the benefit of paying one company in place of numerous (and having the host and domain call paintings collectively without doing whatever you give up), Namecheap is another great alternative. They even have a top-notch-cheap WordPress option for one dollar a month. Perfect for a budding blogger!

Web Hosting for Students

Suppose you’re working on multiple projects and need the barest of bones. Also, you’re a pupil everywhere (not just at a university or university), so you might want to recollect Web Hosting for Students. It’s $25 every year for one internet site, $50 for three (so in case you and your buddies all need to begin blogs, entering into collectively on that is a superb deal), and $100 a year for limitless websites (great in case you’ve got a watch for managing sites as a commercial enterprise).

Other alternatives

There are so many web hosting services that it’s nearly not possible to attempt them all, so there are masses out there that would make sense for you that I don’t have private revel in with. (Read more about some excellent, reasonably-priced hosting platforms here.) among them are HostGator, which starts offevolved at $2.75 monthly, and Dreamhost, which starts at $2.59 monthly.

Pro-Tip: Name servers

If your area name is purchased somewhere other than your host, you must permit the area call and host to talk to each other — meaning changing the DNS or call servers. All hosts have one-of-a-kind call server names, so look the ones up in your host first. Then head to your area registrar. However, this sort of is distinctive too; however, you’ll probably click on the area name, and there will be a phase for DNS or name servers. If you use Bluehost, here’s a shortcut to their education. If you’re using Namecheap, here’s a nice shortcut to theirs. Most registrars will have documentation with a step-by-step that’s particular to their consumer interface. Remember that sometimes this alteration is powerful pretty fast; in other instances, it could take up to 24 hours for it to arise.

7. Learn some basic search engine optimization

A few things continue to be a thriller regarding search engine optimization (seo or the art of appearing on the first page of Google). Google’s unique algorithm is a cautiously guarded mystery they talk about vaguely and understandably. A lot of what we recognize about search engine optimization is constructed via press launch, guess, trial-and-errors, and to top it off, it’s all possible to alternate at any moment. We recognize this: humans write search engines like Google to try to assume like human beings. So write surely and prepare your ideas like a man or woman might, and you’re golden. Also, use some of these brief tips and tricks — they aren’t the be-all and quit-all, and if any of them interrupt your innovation, go with the flow since they are unfastened to scrap them. But they may help humans discover you when they Google for your subject matter.

Organize the usage of headers.

Like I’ve done right here, surely label your sections with headers. Google ranks subjects in headers as more critical than the rest of the web page.

Stick to that timetable.

Websites that are updated regularly and most these days rank as extra critical about Google search. So, understand that agenda we pointed out a way within the beginning? Well, stick to it—your readers will find it irresistible, and so will the robots.

Links are endorsements

Whether or not it’s true, serps view links as endorsements for the content on that unique page. This is me telling you to hyperlink both accurately and properly, and I am additionally letting you realize that while you collaborate and participate. Other blogs link to your web page, which is beneficial. The robots read your content material as truthful and, therefore, more vital.

Don’t depend upon serps alone.

People appear fixated on SEO, and I truely discourage that fixation. The robots let you. However, they cannot prevent it. Remember to cultivate a healthy social media posting timetable as nicely. If you rely on anything in any respect, rely on participating in the internet groups that are blogging approximately the same or comparable topics as you. The community wins every time.

Pro-Tip: accessibility

The good news is that some of the search engine marketing pro-suggestions also make it simpler for blind oldsters using display readers to get admission to your content material. So go ahead and caption that picture in a, without a doubt, designated, descriptive manner. You’ll be satisfied you probably did, and so will your readers who can’t see the display.

  • A little coding information can take you a long way.
  • A little coding know-how can take you a long manner.

8. Learn to code.

All the answers indexed here don’t require any code or internet improvement expertise. But the greater, the more you could do. For example, if you know PHP, you could customize WordPress templates or make your subject. If you know JSON, you may sign up as a Squarespace developer and do the same. Here are a few places to get began in case you’re feeling ambitious:


I’ve used Treehouse for years to sweep up on things as I overlook them (that’s rapid). Treehouse taught me CSS and enough PHP to get myself into trouble. They could train me more in PHP if I were a devoted student. They have first-rate forums, video guides, and badges for completing things, which appeals to the Scout in me. It’s $25 a month, and they have a 7-day unfastened trial (constantly do loose tests!). They also have a search engine optimization path, verified to be very informative.


Lynda is the studying internet site everyone knows of, and boy, is it attempted and real. Whereas Treehouse is centered on coding, Lynda has to code AND guides in design and photography — basically in something and the whole lot you’d need to do with a PC. This might be critical to encompass any pictures on your blog. Are you blogging approximately style? Your domicile or farm? This is probably an outstanding solution for you at $30 monthly (and of the route, they’ve been given a loose trial that you should do).


If you’d like the same breadth as Lynda for half of the fee, Skillshare might be your choice. At $15 monthly, you can get entry to more than 22,000 lessons taught by experts. As a platform, it additionally has a digital consciousness. Learn topics like making webcomics, studying Illustrator, or the fundamentals of DSLR images. Depending on what type of manufacturing your weblog requires, you might discover Skillshare very beneficial.


Coursera is a little bit one of a kind in that those are courses from universities and faculties. You can get certificates by doing a couple of guides, which can cost $49 per month. The purpose I include sn’t the handiest: you can do a web design specialization; you may take guides in topics of artwork records, physics, and psychology. If you’re running a blog about an issue and going on an understanding journey, taking one of these guides in your subject matter might be an amusing way to get through. Udemy is another tremendous option for getting to know — you may even take a class like this one to begin a weblog.

9. Explore alternatives for multimedia

This entire article has operated below the belief that the tale you need to inform fits high-quality in a weblog. But what if that’s not the case? There are a lot of approaches to telling a story online.


If your topic consists of several demonstrations — like makeup or portraying miniatures — or you’re charismatic, then YouTube is probably your location. When you’refiguring out which groups you want to be part of, check out the YouTube scene and ask yourself if you’d prefer to partake in the conversation through video instead. The pro for that is expanded visibility. The autoplay feature might help you out, as an example. The con is a better barrier to access. Video calls for extra devices and software than writing. Also, in case you’re a member of the LGBTQ network, do pay attention. YouTube is actively hostile closer to the LGBTQ network and demonetizes videos by using queer creators. Consider the usage of every other carrier to host your movies, like Vimeo, and put in place offerings like Patreon or Ko-Fi to permit your viewers to pay you for the content material.


I subscribe to 2 Substack newsletters (Mara Wilson’s and Daniel Mallory Ortberg’s, in case you’re curious). Without a doubt, if you’re thinking about the type of musings that the Golden Age of Blogging within the early aughts supplied (ones that are ways much less approximately subject matter and community, and extra about the interesting lives of the character creator and the approaches wherein their brain operate), Substack is probably a higher home for your story. The electronic mail publication is having a renaissance. Because it’s going directly to an inbox, it can be easier to control nasty comments (humans appear less willing to depart them) and experience nicer to percentage something greater intimate (although it additionally is going to your Substack page). Consider how your voice would sound in an e-mail to decide between the 2. Would it be better for your readers to sense that they’re receiving a letter from a pal?


Microblogging on Instagram is another alternative, especially if your posts are fairly quick and continually include a video or a photo. For some successful microbloggers, test out Juniper the Fox and Desserted in Paris if this form of thing looks precisely what you’d experience doing, attempting to study Styling for Instagram by way of Leela Cyd Read This If You Want to be Instagram Famous, edited via Henry Carroll.

10. Most critical of all: Follow your coronary heart

Seriously. Follow your coronary heart. Go where you’re curious; speak to the humans you want to talk to. Try out a few various things. You’ll truly make errors and course-correct along the way, and that’s okay. It’s all a part of coming across what your corner of the net will be about. Don’t forget: make the physical and digital sector a better place with what you are positioned there. Now, get available and start blogging. See you on the internet!