On Wednesday, the Federal High Court, sitting in Lokoja, ruled it would proceed in cybercrime and different associated expenses added by the Kogi State government in opposition to a famous social blogger, Comrade Austin Usman Okay. The choice is changed into taken through a federal judge despite an incorrect filing of complaints talked about with the aid of the protection lawyer. Justice Ndahi Auta exceeded down the controversial ruling and adjourned listening to till October 12. By doing so, he became accepting the road of the state authorities to unilaterally flying in the back of bars the voice of competition elements inside the country, mainly such prominent ones as those of Mr. Okai, whose crime is that he advocates the price of workers’ salaries and pensions and exact governance.

‎Comrade Okay was represented via his recommend, Jibrin Okutepa (SAN), who argued strongly in opposition to the trial of the social crusader, claiming that he become petitioned by way of faceless people and not the state authorities as claimed in court documents. The government ‎is acting because the blogger changed into inciting the public to motive public ailment by publishing a series of instigating feedback towards its refusal to downsize the state group of workers through limitless screening and verification of employees and pensioners documents.

Okay, who became in advance granted bail by using a magistrate courtroom however turned into re-arrested inside the court docket premises utilizing security retailers operating on the commands of the state authorities, is facing simultaneous charges on the Justice of the Peace court.

Blogging Tools: The Importance of Podcasting

Advocating Democracy

Do you want to become the last blogger in the cutting-edge world? One of the maximum important pieces of equipment includes podcasting. Today podcasting approach that you provide audio content regularly. It’s like an audio blog, so to mention.

An everyday blog is a text statistics, with perhaps a few forms of pix, visual content too. Other multimedia covered, but the podcast is basically audio, and audio is so powerful because when you talk, people consume your media, your content material, some time for the duration of the day. Not always whilst they’re at their computer, however on any device that they have. On the clever smartphone, on the tablet, at the computer, on the PC, on a computer. Anywhere they’ve, on the MP3 player, they can subscribe to your audio content material.


That’s what a podcast is. You can post your RSS hyperlink to iTunes, Stitcher, and different structures so that human beings ought to join it in your content material. Your brilliant, precious information will come to them; in place of them, you will be searching out your audience. That’s a brilliant way to spread your word because podcasting may be very technical. It involves having the right gadget. It includes having the know-how to apply this system. Set up microphones, set up basically the right software program to file, and edit that software program later.

Of path, you may produce brief content, lengthy form content material. You ought to produce off-the-cuff improvised content. You may want to create greater edited versions, which basically have the genuinely edited podcast with introduced music introductions, history, and a lot of technical work. In modern-day global, that is an opportunity for humans because there are thousands and thousands of blogs; however, tons, much less honestly, podcasts.

You could certainly pass beforehand and create one, and lots greater easily appeal to target audience this manner. It includes a path, normal posting. It’s pretty hard to keep the section up in posting and speak on the podcast. Regularly, you have to determine what is your regularity can be. What time period will you connect to your readership? Maybe you’ll want to put up ordinary; maybe you need to talk each different day essentially, maybe two times a week, perhaps once a week, maybe even once every week, perhaps as soon as a month. There is a diverse podcast like this.

Once you make a decision, hold it regular like this. The podcast may be created with the aid of your personal voice, along with your very own pressure, so to mention. It’s non-public. The podcast can be excellent, a way to expand your impact on and profile via inviting visitors and guest specialists. That’s what also works for me in my podcast, I invite professionals in my field, and we communicate for 30 minutes to one hour about a positive subject matter.

People can subscribe to that beneficial and relevant statistics. I always consider a podcast like the casual conversation with a chum simultaneously as we’re having a digital cup of cappuccino. It’s like an interview. Some human beings’ documents stay inside the studio with their guest sitting in front of them. Some humans use Skype or different online conversation techniques to connect with the guest, feature this stay conversation, record, edit, and add to the unique audio platform.