The living room space is home to the most unforgettable memories, and while some moments can get on your nerves, like having to clean up after a big party with friends and family, there’s no denying just how much fun and joy can fill up the place instantly. Plus, it’s just the next-best room in the entire house for everyone to sit together, pour a couple of drinks, and toss around jokes while warming up near the fireplace this Christmas season.

However, if you’ve been wondering what type of renovation you could introduce to the living room to give it a whole new spark for 2022, we strongly suggest exploring the idea of sunken living rooms. Before you set that thought aside because it’s a bit too much for your palate or maybe comes across as too classic-traditional, you may want to surf through a couple of magazine catalogs because they’re coming back in style.

Sunken Living Rooms

It’s Tough Work But Definitely Worth It!

We’ll be the ones to say first that sinking your perfectly normal living room right now will take a lot of work to get done, and since we’re right down center in the holiday season, starting some last-minute renovation project may not look as appealing on paper. But, if you’ve been planning a roadmap for future home additions next year, then maybe squeezing in this one first might not hurt the overall flow of upcoming overhauls. And, once you account for the many advantages gained, you would’ve wished you had started a lot sooner.

  • Increasing The Vertical Space Of Your Living Room:

Firstly, one of the immediate benefits of sunken living rooms is increasing the vertical space and giving you a lot more slack for vanity and decorative pieces. And if you’re the type that enjoys putting up beautiful pictures or personal artwork, then all that extra space will make for the perfect display area. Plus, sunken living rooms can transition very well into eclectic, mismatched kitchens, specifically open concepts.

  • Making The Space Feel More Modern And Extravagant:

Once friends, family, or guests exit the entryway and walk the next few steps to see the start of the living room, that grandiose reveal makes for the perfect first impression. In addition to the spaciousness provided by sunken living rooms, they will look and feel more modern and extravagant than most traditionally designed ones. And that’s not even counting what type of sinking designs you want to add, like conversation pits or something more conventional.

  • Improve Overall Functionality And Utility:

Lastly, sunken living rooms can help improve the overall functionality and utility of the space, giving you extra options for storage and getting the most out of open concepts. A common problem most open ideas run into is the lack of walls to create any depth when needed, but sinking specific areas can define certain room sections. Double-check with an experienced plumbing team and electrical services to avoid messing with clearance underneath.

However, There Are A Few Caveats

Likewise, no matter how beautiful we make these sunken living rooms feel and look according to their descriptions, these renovation projects are far from perfect and still have a few caveats. And if any of the following are some pains or annoyances you can’t afford to deal with right now, you’re much better off postponing any plans or considerations to sink any living room near you.

  • It Will Cost You Some Extra Cash Upfront:

Of course, when discussing budget constraints and money matters associated with any renovation project, an open living room plan may not be the best for those short on cash. And given that you will be removing floorboards and inspecting places you wouldn’t usually touch in a simple room makeover, the likelihood of incurring extra repair bills is high.

  • Finding The Right Furnishings According To Design:

Apart from needing a bit more cash upfront to meet the costs of renovating your living room, expect some design trouble, specifically finding the right furnishings. You see, you’re essentially introducing an extra layer to the space, which means different dimensions to account for that could be indirectly diminished by contrasting heights. And if you’re having trouble designing for the holiday season with minimalism, imagine the challenges you’d run into with a sunken living room.

Making Your Living Room Space Pop!

Nevertheless, when it comes down to weighing the pros and cons, we firmly believe that sunken living rooms have many more long-term benefits than most people give them credit for. And if your goal is to make the space come to life and capture some character, then this renovation plan might be the one for you.