The Internet has become the most famous medium for communicating and sharing facts. It is a community of computers linked to each other, allowing information sharing. Nothing has related and taken human beings together on a common platform like the Internet. It has grown to become one of the most vital innovations in the history of humanity and has become a lifestyle for plenty of people worldwide. Most humans have become used to relying totally on the Internet for nearly everything they want to do, whether in their non-public or professional lives.

Life without the Internet might appear to be a nightmare to most people now. So what could occur if, one first-rate morning, you awoke to find the Internet has no lifestyle in your life? How appreciably could your life be impacted and adjusted? Before we undertake the hard project of imagining the world without the Internet, let’s test some vital Internet records and figures:

Facts About the Internet

➡ The United States has the 1/3 largest range of Internet customers (21%) in the world, with Asia (36%) and Europe (29%) taking the first and 2d regions.

➡ Each month, around 390 million people inside the US surf the Internet. According to current statistics, on a median, someone spends around 27 hours a month online.

➡ Around 294 billion emails are sent regularly. This amounts to two 8 million emails being despatched every 2d, and 90 trillion emails despatched each year!

➡ Google is the most broadly used search engine to look for more than one billion queries consistent with the day!
➡ About 1/6 of the overall human population uses the Internet at least once a month.

➡ On a median, around two hundred million Tweets are despatched on Twitter in line with day.
➡ It could take over 1000000000 DVDs to shop the whole facts that are to be had on the Internet.

➡ Every minute, over 70 hours of footage is uploaded on YouTube from around the arena.
Life Without the Internet

Considering the information above and the Internet penetration internationally, it would be a huge trouble if the ‘Internet plug’ changed into pulled out from our lives. We have depended on the Internet for most of the matters we need to do, be it learning, purchasing, socializing, or enjoying ourselves. It has grown to be a way of existence for many of us. In the absence of the Internet, the results would be devastating. Here’s how the essential elements of our lives are probably impacted:

The effect of getting no Internet for your average living fashion might depend on how often you use it and what you operate it for. If you had been an Internet addict, you’d locate that your life has come to a screeching halt. You might identify yourself on foot toward your library if you desire to find a location on the world map. With no online facilities, a good-sized part could be spent waiting in lengthy strains at banks, submit places of work, or government workplaces. You would look forward to days or weeks for your mail to reach from every other nook of the arena. Suddenly, you’ll understand that your rapid-paced existence is jogging at a snail’s tempo.


Many people use the Internet to stay connected to their friends and family. If you had gotten used to socializing online, you would now be clueless as to how you can proportion those images of your recent journey you went, along with your friends, unfold across the globe. It might be hard to satisfy and engage with people living outdoors in your locality. You would manipulate by speaking for your circle of relatives and friends over the smartphone. With no online social media, you’ll discover you’re self-announcing this regularly – Let’s cross-talk to them! You might also join a membership or a network for your community to make new buddies.


With no manner to communicate using emails, instantaneous messaging, chat, or social media, we’d need to inn to those antique methods of communicating with people. We would have to the motel to choose face-to-face interaction, smartphone communication, or sending and receiving snail mail. Transmission through the Internet is unfastened, while the alternatives to be had in any other case could value you more money and time. You could write letters and purchase stamps, as we used to do before the Internet became popular. Postal businesses and phone service carriers will make big earnings because of an extended call for their offerings.


The Internet has grown to be a colossal sea of records and resources. No Internet might imply no instantaneous and clean right of entry to statistics at the press of a button. You might walk right down to your local library and, in reality, search the whole vicinity to get the information you are looking for, with little probability that you’ll find what you seek instantly.

Students who have been addicted to Internet usage for completing their assignments and initiatives will have a hard time identifying an alternative. There might be no manner to get schooling without genuinely going to a college or a college. You must rely on your television or morning newspaper to obtain your share of information.


Things at your place of work could grow to become upside down. If your work became largely Internet-based, your employer could shut down. Suppose your job is worried about the most effective minor use of the Internet, for instance, using an Internet device to acquire records from the Internet. In that case, this simple undertaking might now be a complex and time-consuming technique. Organizations would considerably change their operational strategies and procedures with a purpose to live on. Your table could be full of documents and files, and you may have a nightmare searching or sorting them out manually.

Business and Economy

The global financial system would be the worst-hit vicinity if the Internet became non-existent. A lengthy global recession will result in tens of millions of people dropping their jobs and plenty of organizations remaining down. The economy could shrink and be restricted to local traders and shops. It’d not be feasible for many industries to do commercial enterprise outdoors in the city or the.

The costs for commodities might cross up, as there would be lesser competition for the nearby market gamers. The speed at which many groups operate due to the Internet will experience a superb slowdown. Most transactions and dealings would be finished manually. Most business conversations might want to be carried out through postal mail and courier services. Jobs unrelated to the Internet would start to be in the greater call for.