Several software pieces are available with an Android device that comprises recovery, system, bootloader, and radio. Many of them are specifically designed to run their own debugging or modifications in the environment. When a device opens, then the bootloader is the first one that runs first. The decider decides whether to load the recovery first or go either for the loaded Android or the read. The bootloader has packed all the instructions der to boot the operating system kernel. And the process is the same in Samsung Phone.

People who want to stay away from the third-party operating system add-ons such as HTC’s senses and Samsung’s TouchWiz prefer to install a new form of the operating system. Luckily, A count of developers has developed a user-friendly OS, namely CyanogenMod. Thus, if you are one of such people who want to root their devices, then the unlocking bootloader is a necessary step that you need to take. And here we are!! Here, we come up with some different methods to unlock the bootloader Samsung that you can go for. Before that, we need to get into the bootloader first to enhance our knowledge.

 Unlock Bootloader Samsung

A few words about bootloader

A bootloader is a code that includes every system to let the system run accurately. Once the device power is on, there are various instructions involved in launching the OS. All gadgets that OS powers must use a bootloader. As we all know, it is an open-source operating system developed by Google, so the Android device’s bootloader is altered by the manufacturer.

Thus, it changes from one manufacturer to another. The main engender behind this is that the manufacturing companies make their devices with different hardware types inserted. Let us know about the fastboot and other methods that would help unlock Samsung galaxy core prime.

What is fastboot?

Simply put, it is a useful tool based on commands that work well either in the fastboot mode or bootloader. Suppose proffers to flash all files and images on fast boot easily on your device. So, you can unlock the bootloader, reset all phone data, recover stock recovery, and so on. Just starting a fastboot mood device and linking it with the computer, but certain commands, and enjoy all changes. It is worth mentioning that Fastboot tools and methods are effortless and quick to use. You need to follow some commands to get the desired results.

Pre-requirements for a fastboot

Here are some pre-requirements attached to the fastboot of a device that we have enlisted below. It is helpful how to unlock the bootloader on Samsung devices.

  • You will need a PC or laptop with a USB cable.
  • Keep the battery of the device up to 60 percent before doing anything.
  • Download ADB and fastboot tools on the personal computer and install it either on Windows or on Mac.
  • Ensure to take a complete device backup.

How to unlock bootloader Samsung with PC or computer?

To implement this method, you need to unlock the codes that will get by the manufacturer. Some do not proffer the code, so it is not a better option to go for this one. Rather, he chooses another method. If you have a code, fortunately, then here are the steps given below.

Step 1: As mentioned earlier, you need a code that you can acquire by getting in touch with the manufacturer. Once you have it, turn on the developer option by Settings >About>Software Information>Tap on the Build Number between 7-8 times unless you see a toast message- enabled developer option.

Step 2: get back to settings again and turn on OEM unlock by Settings>Developer options and Enable OEM to unlock &USB debugging.

Step 3: Next, download and extract the download ADB Fastboot Zip file on Windows PC.

Step 4: Through the USB cables, connect the phone to the personal computer.

Step 5: When you have connected your phone with the Samsung device, wait for a while until the drivers get installed.

Step 6: Within the ADB Fastboot folder, go to a command prompt window by pressing the mouse’s Shift Key + Right button.

Step 7: Type the command on windows “ADB devices.”

Step 8: If you roam around one pop-up to enable USB debugging on the phone, then tap on OK and insert the comment: ADB reboot bootloader.

Step 9: Now the phone reboots with the bootloader, check the phone that it shows bootloader unlocked, and type the command: “fastboot devices” to know that fastboot drivers are installed accurately.

Step 10: By typing this command, you will see all connected devices, and if the serial number of your mobile phone shows up, you are on the right track and ready for the next step. If your phone has not been shown in the list, then the drivers failed to install it. For the coming process, you need to fix the drivers. Then your phone may be enlisted in the list.

Step 11: When your phone appears in the command, get back to unlocking the bootloader with this command: fastboot OEM unlock. This will clear all data from your mobile.

Step 12: Once done with the above command, then run the command: fastboot reboot.

Step 13: Now, the phone will restart and wait until it is finished. Once done, then you can go and have fun.

How to unlock bootloader Samsung without pc?

Here are some steps that will be helpful in how to unlock the bootloader Samsung without pc.

You can have the option of unlocking the bootloader in some MT6580 SoC devices. For this purpose, you need to go to Settings>Developer options. Alternatively, tap on Settings>About Phone and Turn Off the “OEM Lock.”

Wrapping up

After unlocking the bootloader on your device, you make it possible to put personalized ROMs on your device. But it is not essential to unlock the bootloader, as it has some consequences, and the choice is all yours.