Digital TV for PC 2 is a software program package deal launched by Smith Micro Software Inc., which can be purchased online for approximately USD 29.Ninety-nine. This software lets the consumer view TV channels on their PC. The consumer can search through loads of tracks worldwide in any language. One wishes to use this software and feature an Internet connection to get those channels. This Buzzle article furnishes further complicated details.


To use this software, all you want is a pic/desktop, and excessive-velocity Internet gets entry. You should purchase the product online. Likewise, it is also to be had on many websites. The installation technique and the package deal you’ve downloaded can be supplied. The setup technique is quite simple: follow the instructions given in the package deal. The software lets you look at over 1,000 channels in HD and concentrate on diverse track stations. After this, carry out an Internet replacement of the to-be-had canals. Once you are done with this, restart the computer. You might want to install the modern-day media participant, too. To watch channels online, you do not need to join any cable provider or pay any month-to-month price. Also, there’s no want to put in any hardware. However, do remember that speedy Internet access is necessary. In any other case, channel streaming can be gradual and tense.

  • Features
  • Worldwide Programming
  • Updated TV Stations
  • It can be installed on two computers at the same time
  • Accessible menu
  • It can be linked to the TV and watched on the full display screen
  • Access to over 5000+ TV channels and over 2000+ radio channels.
  • No subscriptions, expenses, or costs
  • One-time fee
  • Worldwide, get admission to any time region
  • Search and shop your favorite channels as a list
  • What It Offers



As referred to earlier, you have access to plenty of tunes from all over the world! You can enjoy looking at several song channels and your preferred motion pictures, and pay attention to the radio channels from over a dozen nations. Also, you could enjoy the song from one-of-a-kind cultures―classical, jazz, punk rock, gentle melodies, and many others. You also have admission to concerts, tune nights, activities, etc.


Kids’ Entertainment

There are some channels for children. They can enjoy watching cartoons, animated films, innovative programs, and different child-friendly media. They can also manage academic applications and examine new matters, like crafts, paints, cooking, overseas languages, technological know-how initiatives, etc.


There isn’t always any need to mention how much one could use this product for sports, is there? With this software program, you can watch many sports activities channels, watch any recreation you like, viz., cricket, football, tennis, golf, soccer, boxing, etc. You can watch all the fits, both stay or the highlights. You can watch the International announcement too.



It may be crucial to be privy to what is happening in the world. You could have been admitted to many news channels if you want to give up-to-the-minute updates on what’s happening in special international locations. You can get records approximately the entirety, like weather, accidents, politics, ministry, religion, and so on., 24 X 7.


The very motive of purchasing this product―movies and amusement! Enjoy a huge variety of films and television channels from all around the world. Watch movies from France to the US, Sweden to India, and much more! Watch movies of all genres―comedy, tragedy, romance, drama, action, thriller, etc. You can also view instructional movies, quick movies, and documentaries.


The Positives

It has been reported to be a great product because of its beneficial functions, like an easy installation and setup manner, no charge/hidden costs for all the movie, song, and radio channels, and global programming (for the reason that the computer is hooked up to the world wide web). Also, it is simple to use and has an easy interface. One can, without difficulty, store their favorite package listing utilizing this software program. There aren’t any big overall performance issues; it offers first-rate overall performance, but of a path, it’s miles important that the machine necessities be whole. The reception and connectivity for information and political channels are good—this software program selects many broadcast channels.

The Negatives

Some users claimed that this software was overrated. Many people agree that the extent and niceness of the channels you view are exaggerated. Also, there may ben entry to public kind of suggests, but a famous track or sports channels aren’t so without difficultd. This software selection of looped old TV indicates foreign variations of once-popular shows and antique previous films. Many customers have additionally complained that the money-again assurance of 30 days isn’t adhered to. Also, it’s been said that the product falls short of truly turning in 1,000 channels, as it says so. There have been times when some of the global broadcasting channels you’ll need wouldn’t move in when you are online. You can get hold of errors while that specific station isn’t always getting broadcast, and there is not a good deal you could do about it, considering that now, not a whole lot of detail is protected inside the Help menu. The video length may be a hassle; the full-screen mode can sometimes seem choppy.


This product is essentially an excellent one, even though it does have positive negatives. It all depends on the way it works for you. If you get your favorite channels with no trouble, nicely and desirable, but if you do not, well, it is not exactly your loss as this product has sufficient channels and packages to make it a pleasing one.