The Internet has proved to be a boon for human society. It has helped us to talk with each other in a better and green manner. The largest effect of the Internet may be witnessed in the world of education and business. The Internet has made e-learning and e-commerce feasible, the benefits of which are there for all to peer. But as experience has shown us, every right element has every other facet of it, which, when used excessively, can create troubles. Studies have proved that too much dependence on the Internet can cause a circumstance known as Internet dependency ailment.

The studies on this concern are still in an initial degree. The methods that have been employed to perform studies on this discipline are subjective. People who spend too much time on the Internet may additionally show a positive form of conduct, but whether that conduct is triggered due to a specific generation is yet to be recognized. We could also like to mention that Internet addiction sickness isn’t always identified using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Still, it’s miles being taken into consideration for the following edition in 2013.

Statistics on Internet Addiction

A majority of folks who are hooked on the Internet are young adults and young adults. Surveys have determined out that relationships of near 10% of Internet addicts suffered due to immoderate Internet utilization. Around 14% of the folks surveyed for an observation conducted by using the Stanford University found out that they could not live far from the Internet and that they used it to recover from their terrible mood. In China, Internet dependency is a primary hassle as near around 15% of youngsters are stated to be tormented by this condition. Studies performed in Hong Kong have observed that around forty% of the younger populace become hooked on the Internet, and the trouble changed into a growth every 12 months. IOutof a predicted two hundred million Internet users, nearly 10% are tormented by Internet addiction ailment in America. The wide variety of Internet addicts is growing each yr at a fee of 25%.

Internet Addiction Statistics
You should be thinking about how much utilization can be categorized as excessive utilization or addiction. There is not any set time-body that constitutes Internet dependency. However, the trendy consensus amongst experts is that more than 20 hours of utilization in step with a week is called Internet dependency. One essential attitude on this look is that the range of hours a man or woman spends online isn’t the only issue in this condition. Some other feasible signs are a regular urge to get online, deception or lying approximately the amount of time spent on the Internet, and developing an attitude that information on the Internet is advanced to what they teach at the college/university.

It has been normally seen that human beings, by and large, spend their time on the Internet in developing or retaining friendships thru social networking sites, playing or trading online, playing video games, amassing data, and watching porn. It may be critical for the dad and mom to make sure that their children do not get hooked on this circumstance. Some suggestions that you could maintain in mind to make sure that your children do now not spend an excessive amount of time on the Internet are –

Try to maintain the PC in a shared circle of relatives’ room rather than in your child’s room as, in the adolescent stage, children need parental guidance. Keep a check on how a whole lot of time your toddler spends on the Internet. You also need to observe whether your child’s Internet usage affects his performance within the school or whether he’s substituting bodily interest with Internet video games.


Children may need to be online all the time; however, it is your duty to talk to your infant about the perils of excessive utilization as a parent. You also can set a time-body as much as which they can log on. Doing this curtails the dependence of youngsters on the Internet and gives them a possibility to broaden actual relationships. If you feel that regardless of all your efforts, your infant is spending an excessive amount of time on the Internet and displays a regular urge to go surfing, don’t forget to take the help of a professional counselor.

These became some facts on Internet dependency. As mentioned in advance, the research in this circumstance is at its initial level right now. It will make an effort earlier than the underlying reasons may be completely understood. Easy get right of entry to the Internet, and myriad websites are a number of the motives that have led to a boom in the variety of Internet addicts around the world. The Internet is a tremendous supply of records and amusement, and we should make certain that we do now not abuse it.