Choosing a first-rate OS is not a smooth task anymore. You need an excellent running system to get the nice out of your smartphone. I’ve made a list of motives to pick out the first-rate of the top 3 designs in use these days. Depending on how you plan to apply your smartphone, pick anyone out of them.

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Choosing the Best Mobile OS

Choosing the better OS out of the three may be based largely on what you want to do on your telephone. If it is simple texting and calling, you could pick out any of the 3, no troubles there. For something else, read approximately each OS’s traits and shortcomings.


In 2008, Symbian held 65% of the global shares in smart telephones. They were the international kings of the smartphone software program, loose to do whatever they desired. But that became 2008. And even then, they had things to worry about. At that point, the iPhone and the Android were minorities. However, they have been forced to be reckoned with. Cutting to 2011, I doubt you may see all of us with Symbian on their monitors. The cause? Symbian is tough to apply, expand, and, nicely, old. If it changed into all approximately Nokia, then it’s all roughly the Samsungs and the iPhones now. People seem to have forgotten the excitement when Nokia released the first line of clever telephones. The truth is instructed; you might locate Symbian customers so one can swear by their OS. But if you examine the marketplace numbers, you will recognize just how awful Symbian has it. Speculations are that it would just disappear utilizing 2015.


Tired of your Symbian? Enter the iPhone, all new and sparkling, set to dazzle anybody with its powerful show and the Apple logo. If you ask everyone who uses an iPhone, you will be aware that they may not mean their telephone is terrible. That’s as it isn’t always. iPhone users will continually tell you how tremendous their cell phone is or how ordinary and very good their iOS is. If you use an iPhone, you will never hate it. Starting as an opponent to Symbian, the iPhone now has more of a fashion assertion than a clever cell phone with things human beings want to finish matters. All that apart, there are a few matters the iOS is exact at.


Computing powers for the iOS are pretty an awful lot, right? It’s smooth, fast, and dependable. It trumps the Android in the show screen region. The iOS consists of the famous Retina Display, allowing the iPhones’ highly smaller screens (compared to Android phones with massive monitors like the Samsung Galaxy S II) to reveal images in a far richer decision. The iPhone also gives you more advantageous video calling features, allowing you to stay in touch more. But it applies if the opposite user has an iPhone as nicely.

It may be very consumer-pleasant. The idea of iOS is the same as the OS on Apple Macs, so if you’ve used a Mac earlier, you may know your way around the iPhone, too. The reality that they included the cellphone with the OS to a deep extent to provide the most seamless revel ever is a mixed bag of reactions. You don’t much like an iPhone; you love it. Every single app can be on your Christmas list. But again, you need to pay for the apps. You can debate on how ‘real first-class’ is by no means free, but I beg to differ. If there has been an unmarried factor, you saw another place you desired on the iPhone, but it wasn’t on the listing. Otherwise, you will regret shopping for a smartphone if you don’t have the money. An iPhone user probably cannot utilize anything that belongs to Google. The equality, however, does not surely pass for Android customers. And that quite sums up the iOS: speed, simplicity, and fine for a rate.



If you thought the object was biased in the direction of the iOS till now, all you want to do is check out the sales charts. There is a legitimate reason why Android will be the quality OS obtainable close to destiny. Numbers expect Symbian’s downfall and Android’s rise, with iOS trailing closely. There are two reasons why Android is so famous: it is open-source, and it has free apps.