Expose For Apple Mac OSX – Best Features – Hidden Features

Expose On Apple Mac is a feature of the Leopard OSX working machine that permits a consumer to show and disguise all lively and hidden windows with an unmarried mouse click or button. So why might this feature on a Mac be so useful to someone, you may ask? Expose is ideal for displaying which applications are currently open on your computing device so you can transfer around quickly. Properly put, as an everyday laptop user, you could have several applications walking all at once and abruptly need to return to one of your open packages.

Points to be covered in this article are:

  • How to Activate, Expose and Customize
  • Features of Expose
  • Hidden Features of Expose
  • How Expose could make your existence simpler
  • How to Activate, Expose, and Customize Expose
  • Expose can be activated in three foremost approaches:
  • Hot Keys
  • Mouse Click
  • Hot Corners

Hot Keys – By default, F9 at the keyboard activates Expose on Leopard OSX. However, this may be configured by going to System Preferences – Expose & Spaces and then configuring the settings on your possibilities. Mouse Click – Expose may be activated with the aid of the Apple powerful mouse or any other multi-button mouse. On the Apple Mighty mouse, you can configure Expose to be activated while squeezing the two face buttons. Expose also can be configured on a multi-button mouse by way of once again commencing Expose & Spaces, System Preferences, and setting up which mouse button you would love to apply.


Hot Corners – ( Hot Corners for Leopard OSX are areas of the user’s desktop screen so one can spark off sure instructions when the person but over that part over the screen with their mouse cursor.) In the Expose & Spaces System Preferences, you may configure the Hot Corners of your laptop display screen to set off Expose.

Features of Expose

Leopard OSX

All Windows – The function lets the user view all the lovely windows on the computing device. You can see them all in a Birds-Eye view mode. For instance, if you, the consumer, had iTunes, Photoshop, and iPhoto open simultaneously, activating Expose will shrink all the active windows so that all the applications are healthy on your display.

Applications Window – This function of Expose lets you look at all of the energetic Windows for a lively application by shrinking the windows to match the computer display screen. This feature isn’t the same as the All Windows function, as you could best view the modern application home windows. For example, in case you were working on many Pages files. You had many one-of-a-kind documents open; activating this feature will assist you in seeing all your page files right away, but they could not be shown if another application had been available. By default, this could be activated through urgent the F10 key or changed internal system preferences.

Show Desktop – By activating this option (using Default is F11 or changeable through gadget choices ), Leopard quickly moves all the utility home windows to the side of the screen so most effectively, the edges of the utility home windows are viewable, and the entire computer region is uncovered.

Hidden Features of Expose

Expose has a few capabilities that are not obvious and features not documented on the Apple internet site, but they were located with some Mac fans’ aid and are quite easy to spark off and use. The Blob – The “blob” is a hidden and undocumented interface to Expose discovered through a member of the MacNN forums. When clicked, it enables the “Application Windows” mode. When Option+clicked, it allows the “All Windows” mode.

Slow Motion Expose – When activating Expose, it could be performed in a gradual movement effect that is extra for fun or for presentation purposes rather than that of any realistic functions. To use this command, Press the Shift Key when activating divulge so it would be Shift + F9 via default.

How Expose can Make your Life Easier

Once you discern how to use Reveal, it’ll, in all likelihood, become one of the most used functions of your Mac. The excellent practice is configuring your mouse buttons to set off Expose and switching from one software to another will become a cinch. Insensible uses will permit you to accelerate your productiveness compared to a home Windows device by allowing the quick and clean right of entry to all of your energetic applications. And now, when you do not need to spend a lot of time clicking all of the tabs on all of your applications, your productivity will likely grow, giving you greater time to do different things.