The big video game conference E3 become this week, and while iOS gaming performed at least a minor role at the occasion in previous years, that in reality became not the case in 2017. It’s not that unexpected, especially with exhilaration surrounding the Nintendo Switch and revealing the brand new Xbox One X stealing the show. However, the arena of iOS gaming is in no way calm, and there is usually lots taking place in it. Here’s a number of the most important information of the week:


Minecraft has been the biggest thing in view that sliced bread for years now, but Mojang took the level all through Microsoft’s E3 press conference with a few sudden announcements, the primary of that’s a brand new “Super Duper Graphics” mode that adds all sorts of lights effects and fancy shaders visible within the above trailer. Initially, it appeared like this will be unique to spotlight the electricity of the new XBOX One X. However. It became discovered that this new mode might be coming to all Minecraft systems, together with the iOS Pocket Edition.

Additionally, Minecraft is getting a replacement titled “Better Together” to add overall cross-platform multiplayer. IOS players may be capable of play with Switch, Xbox, and PC gamers… With the PlayStation 4 model ignored in the cold. This is exceptional information for all Minecraft players until, of direction, you are gambling on a PS4.

Another E3 tidbit of the word got here from the Bethesda press convention. They discovered their virtual collectible card sport, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is getting a brand new growth primarily based on Skyrim. Among other matters, new “Shout” playing cards are being brought (“shouts” had been effective magic spells in Skyrim) alongside cards based totally on popular Skyrim characters.

Gaming Roundup

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is currently the handiest to be had on capsules and PC; however, it will be coming to the iPhone “next month.” If you haven’t performed The Elder Scrolls: Legends, it’s really worth finding out. It’s a little greater complicated than Blizzard’s Hearthstone; that’s both a good or horrific thing depending on what you’re seeking out in a card recreation.

This week, we reviewed three totally superb games: Monument Valley 2, Framed 2, and Yankee’s Peak. Monument Valley 2 is an outstanding sequel to the authentic, with our only minor complaint being that it feels a bit too much, just like the first. More Monument Valley is not always a horrific aspect, but.

Comparatively, Framed 2 greatly amps up all of the basis that Framed laid. The sport is an interactive comedian e-book puzzle recreation, where the pages are solved by setting the numerous comic e-book frames in the right order. Finally, Yankee’s Peak is a high-quality puzzler wherein you are moving triangles around a recreation board. Like any exact puzzle game, the concept is unbelievably simple; however, it speedily gets so difficult that it’ll stump even the pleasant puzzle game enthusiasts.


Finally, gaming giant Supercell has soft released a new sport known as Brawl Stars that we’re quite sure goes to be the next cellular gaming mega-hit. We posted an exhaustive first impressions piece that explains what the game is all about. Still, in a nutshell, it’s a greatly simplified multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) sport that throws players into three on 3 crew-primarily based battles.

While the sport is not available in the US App Store yet, it is straightforward to create a Canadian iTunes account to download it. We posted a full guide on getting the sport, which should result in a respectable head start over the rest of the arena while Brawl Stars finally launches internationally. That’s all of the large news from this week, and as continually, for manner (manner) more iOS gaming news makes sure to visit TouchArcade in which we submit this kind of stuff all day lengthy.