The average life span of a rabbit is between 7 – 12 years. However, it can vary from one specimen to another; some breeds survive for as long as 15 years, while others stay for five years. Also, the life expectancy of rabbits differs, primarily based on the food availability, predators, diseases, and how they live to tell the tale within the furnished environment. For instance, rabbits of the same breed might also stay longer in captivity than in a wild habitat.

Wild Rabbit Life Span

The survival rate of untamed rabbits may be shallow compared to puppy rabbits. Though wild rabbits’ common life span is 6 – 7 years, their maximum infrequently stay for three hundred and sixty-five days, especially because of the predator threats in the wild. They must also compete for meals and refuge amongst themselves and with people with a common eating regimen and habitat.

Pet Rabbit Life Span

It is comprehensible that home rabbits’ life spans are longer than those of rabbits surviving in the wild. The purpose at the back of this is pretty obvious: favorable environmental conditions, no predators, much less competition for meals, and unique attention while sick. Based on the breed, pet rabbits can also stay for 8 – 12 years, provided that special care is given to them.

Dwarf Rabbit Life Span

Dwarf rabbits, next to puppies and cats, are some of the most preferred pets. Several species of small rabbits are labeled beneath the dwarf range. Generally, they have a protracted lifestyle span. For example, the Netherlands dwarf rabbits normally live for over eight years.

Giant Rabbit Life Span

On a well-known note, the larger rabbit species have a shorter lifespan than the dwarf or smaller species. Hence, contrary to the dwarf breeds that commonly stay for more than eight years, massive rabbits live on hardly for 5 – 6 years. They are stupid and much less cheerful in contrast to the dwarf breeds.

Rex Rabbit Life Span

Different Rabbit Breeds

Rex rabbit breeds are in numerous colors, including amber, blue, chocolate, cinnamon, and black. Rex rabbit’s life span is about five – 6 years short. Nevertheless, neutering those pets can extend the expectancy to approximately 8 – eleven years.

Himalayan Rabbit Life Span

The life span of Himalayan rabbits is more than eight years. They are small, weighing approximately 2 kilograms, and feature much less fur. This rabbit breed is famous for its proper temperament and minimal grooming requirements.

New Zealand Rabbit Life Span

If you’re looking for huge, white bunnies, New Zealand rabbits are your best preference. New Zealand rabbits live for approximately 5 – 7 years on a median. These residence rabbits can even weigh up to four – 5 kilograms.

Lop-Eared Rabbit Life Span

Lop-eared rabbits are splendid as pets and have a better temperament than dwarf breeds. Dwarf and Mini Lop rabbits have an existence span of nine – 10 years. On the contrary, larger species of lop-eared rabbits commonly live for 5 – 6 years. The Holland lop rabbit’s lifespan is 5 – 7 years. Like other breeds, a lop rabbit may even live to tell the tale for ten years after the present process of the neutering system.
Lionhead Rabbits Life Span.


The average life span for lion-headed rabbits is 7 – to nine years. The coat color of lionhead rabbits can vary. At maturity, these rabbits weigh about 1.7 kilograms. They are pleasant and make true pets for kids.

Polish Rabbit Life Span

Polish rabbit breeds are small in length and feature a life span of approximately eight – 10 years. Available in huge coat colorations, this dwarf rabbit range has less fur and faces no specific fitness hassle.
In a nutshell, wild rabbits live for a shorter period than puppy rabbits, and smaller breeds have an extended life span than large ones. Also, it must be noted that neutered or spayed rabbits survive longer than others. Take proper care of your puppy rabbit and assist it in staying to the fullest! If you are not interested in growing the populace of your pet rabbit, consider neutering it in the early levels.