Shane Gillis Girlfriend

Shane Gillis is a stand-up comedian, radio host, podcaster, and YouTuber from America. Gillis has gathered a large fan base with his work. He loves to amuse people. As soon as you analyze his segment, performance, knowledge project, and comedy, you will understand that these are based on observation, sarcasm, shock humor, etc.

Doing these, he has gained a huge fan base and popularity. And since when one becomes a celebrity in a prosperous industry like entertainment, it’s predicted that the fans and media will try their best to know in detail about the person along with knowing his profession and just name.

So, as Shane Gillis is a famous comedian and a popular YouTuber, people are interested in his personal life. Many questions have been raised about him, but the one that stood out is “Who’s Shane Gillis’s girlfriend?”

Let’s find out more about Shane Gillis and know whether he is dating right now.

Who Is Shane Gillis?


  • Full Name: Shane Gillis
  • DOB: 11 December 1987
  • Age (2023): 35+ years old
  • Place Of Birth: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.
  • Height: 183 cm
  • School: Trinity High School
  • Graduated: West Chester University in 2006 (bachelor’s degree)

Shane Gillis was born in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S., on 11 December 1987. He is an American YouTuber, comedian, and podcaster famous for appearing on Sirius XM, Comedy Central Radio, The Doug Stanhope Podcast, etc. podcasts.

Shane Gillis also appeared on Matt & Shane’s Secret podcast as a co-host with fellow comedian Matt McCusker. And he also appeared on podcasts like The Legion of Shanks and The Real Ass Podcast.

His podcast often invites celebrities and shares brutally honest stories and valuable insights with his occasional celebrity guest.

He has been in this industry for nearly a decade now.

Quick Facts About Shane Gillis

  • Shane Gillis started stand-up comedy in 2012.
  • Comedy Central selected Shane Gillis as one of the “Up Next” comedians.
  • Shane was hired on Saturday Night Live. However, he was removed after a controversial video of Shane went viral.
  • Shane likes to keep his personal life private, thus, his social media account does not give any hints regarding what he is up to.
  • The Comedy Central Radio show “The Bonfire”, where he used to work, made him famous.

Who Is Shane Gillis’s Girlfriend?

Many people wonder about the comedian Shane Gillis’ personal life and, thus, often try to know if he is in a relationship. People also try to see if he is gay or married.

Shane Gillis’ private life shows that he is unmarried and single. The 35+-year-old comedian has not revealed any particular information about his relationship, and he also has no kids.

However, Seeing his mysterious nature in his private life, we can say that he might or might not be dating somebody right now. Nevertheless, no details about his girlfriend have ever been leaked so far.

There are hardly any records about his past relationships or past dating rumors. So, there is no clear-cut answer to this question: Who is Shane Gillis’ girlfriend?

Does Shane Gillis Have Past Relationships?

Nearly everyone has past relationships, as people tend to be involved in romantic relationships one way or the other. However, for Shane Gillis, it is difficult to say whether he has past relationships.

This is because Shane hesitated to reply to questions regarding his personal life whenever he was asked about his romantic life in an in-depth interview. Thus, it’s unknown whether he has ever had past relationships.


Q. Is Shane Gillis in a relationship right now?

A. No, as per the report, Shane Gillis is single.

Q. What’s Shane Gillis’s Net worth?

A. The Net worth of Shane Gillis is calculated to be almost $1 Million to 5 Million dollars.

Q. Is Shane Gillis Gay?

A. Shane Gillis believes revealing his personal life and relationship status can endanger his professional career. Thus, he never discloses things about his sexual orientation or relationships.


There is a possibility that Shane Gillis doesn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend right now and isn’t dating anyone. Whenever someone asks about his private life, this comedian prefers not to say much about his personal life and relationships. Due to this, we do not know if he has a romantic relationship or not.

Neither do we know if he has an interest in women or men, nor do we know about his married life.