Bloggers declare that their blogs are a rich source of records as well as amusement on the Internet, and fit precisely in the journalistic tips. The journos lash again pronouncing that the dissemination of information and facts is only their area, which isn’t to be meddled with.

What is Blogging?

It is the procedure of making an internet blog or a blog, which may be often up to date and permits users to submit content material on the Internet. Blogs also allow customers to get instant remarks from their audience. Blogging is maintaining a chronological record of posts uploaded by the blogger on the web regularly. It is all approximately supplying statistics, entertainment, and additionally a possibility for social networking.

Types of Blogs Online

The idea of blogging is already a big phenomenon, and almost all people you realize has their very own weblog on the internet. These may be classified into numerous sections primarily based on the content material, media used, or the hobby of the bloggers as nicely.
Personal: Maintaining a private weblog is like having an internet diary. Users regularly jot down their non-public reviews and thoughts, or simply write about their habitual. Personal blogs are a splendid way for humans to vent their emotions and experiences ordinary and feature an online chronological report of it. One can even make the weblog handy to all online readers, so people who locate the blog thrilling or have the equal troubles can share their ideas.
Corporate: Considering the popularity of running a blog, many company agencies have provided you with their specific company blogs. A company weblog permits interplay among the employees, personnel, and customers.
Marketing: Blogs that are created as a marketing device to sell a specific product or a provider may be termed as an advertising weblog. These are getting more and more famous due to the emergence of the Internet as a sizable and global advertising and marketing medium.
Celebrity: A celebrity weblog is a platform for people to speak about a particular celebrity which they either like an excessive amount of or dislike to a superb quantity. Celebrity-owned blogs are however for their personal promotion and do no longer allow any content material that damages or has a tendency to damage their public photo.

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Fashion: Blogs approximately style are very famous on the net. These are also a top notch way for human beings to discuss the cutting-edge traits in style, the freshest designers at the block, and other associated problems.
Music A song blog is a weblog that permits people to share the song, in addition, to interact with different track lovers. These additionally allow customers to review track and percentage their choices.
Photo: An image Weblog is a weblog that consists of images as its number one content. It is a wonderful manner to proportion photos on the net.
Video: A video weblog, or a blog, as it’s far popularly referred to as, is a blog that includes video clips as its foremost content.
Mobile: A weblog this is created via the cellular phone is named as the cellular-weblog or the moblog.
What is Journalism?

It is traditionally described because of the system of series, analysis, editing, and dissemination of news. Although conventionally, journalism changed into purported to be focusing on dissemination of information, with time, it has come to be a heady concoction of records and leisure, giving upward push to an idea known as ‘Infotainment’.

Categories in Journalism
Print Journalism: The print media encompass newspapers, magazines, brochures, or maybe leaflets. Print journalism, even though rendered obsolete due to the advent of tv and Internet, has the sizeable readership. The print media are trying to re-invent themselves with the use of more coloration, extra pictures, and additionally through seeking to make the newspaper codecs increasingly compact and catchy. Almost all of the newspapers and magazines are developing with e-variations of their publications.
Broadcast Journalism: The broadcasting region is flooded with some of the news channels that promise the target market live motion. Broadcast games have the benefit of live information reporting, which however comes with brought responsibility when you consider that there’s less time to verify the statistics. News portals on the Internet are also blanketed on this class, most of them being internet portals of news organizations, news channels, or information guides.


Ethics and Laws

As ways as media ethics and legal guidelines are worried, it is a commonplace misconception that blogging is loose from media ethics. Bloggers are beneath regular public scrutiny and should be very careful approximately the authenticity and credibility of their content regarding sensitive issues. There have been considerable instances of bloggers being sued for objectionable content on their blogs. Journalism practitioners hold forth entire objectivity at the same time as reporting information, because of this, having an independent view. Journalists themselves have given you a completely unique component known as ‘opinion-pieces’, to break out this loophole. Then why unmarried out bloggers for getting personal?