To make schooling extra on hand to ladies, Punjab leader Minister Amarinder Singh has announced loose education for ladies, from kindergarten to doctorate, in authorities establishments.

He made this assertion on Monday at the same time as talking within the Vidhan Sabha, in line with The Hindustan Times. Along with that, there are also plans to give unfastened textbooks to students from authorities faculties and loose WiFi for all authorities colleges and thirteen,000 primary schools.

Despite constrained sources, the Chief Minister said that he plans on giving utmost significance to school education by means of increasing the price range for the training area. As a part of this plan

This is an attempt at bridging the distance between rich human beings getting all privileges and bad ones being left with confined access to assets.


The textbooks can be furnished without the cost and will also be posted on-line which might assist students and dad and mom alike to download them free from the price.

The government also has plans to offer English as a medium of instruction in government colleges. To do this, to start with, two colleges in any respect degrees from each block can have English medium from July.

It is likewise noteworthy to mention that Punjab government has brought in loads of social welfare schemes which includes waiving of loans up to 50,000 for the Dalits and economically weaker and underprivileged sections of the populace.

Adding to that, the economically weaker segment of the populace would get housing at low fee wherein homeless human beings gets free homes, according to The New Indian Express.


Only remaining week, the leader minister had saved up any other poll promise through growing reservation for women in neighborhood our bodies to 50 percent from the prevailing 33 percentage. All those schemes if nicely applied might go a long manner in assisting humans to get a better life and secure way of livelihood.

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Lifestyle of Indian Girls Aspiring to Marry Abroad

The sun over the west shines just the same
The moon and the stars too
But something approximately the West
Beckons quite a few…

Photo-01A-copy.jpg (2100×1400)

“Our choice is final”, stated Colonel Kapoor firmly, “if you wish to do a Ph.D. inside the US, we are able to find an appropriate boy dwelling there. Get married and you can go.” Shruti, their elder daughter become aghast. She could not consider that during this day and age, her parents, whom she had constantly taken into consideration liberal, would turn out to be so conservative. It became her dream to enroll for a doctorate diploma in one of the top American universities. Besides, her amazing M.Sc effects ensured that she stood an excellent risk of having a scholarship. Surprisingly, her mother and father, who had constantly been so supportive of her ambitions and aspirations, now seemed adamant and unrelenting. She became possibly too young and naïve to recognize the fears they’d about sending their beloved child all on my own to an odd, advanced and unknown land, in which she might have no one to name her personal.

“My dream”, sighed Radha, “is to marry an NRI (nonresident Indian). Radha, a 24-yr antique chartered accountant, had continually been in awe of the West. Europe and the US had been her final destinations, not simply to visit as a vacationer, however, to live and sense that she belonged to the one’s nations extra than her own us of a.

Neha Aggarwal, a college graduate pursuing a secretarial route, stood on the edge of marriage. In her family, an NRI turned into the remaining catch, and he stood head and shoulders above any bachelor operating in India.

These three younger ladies, smart, carried out and clever, had one more factor in common. Marrying an NRI seemed unavoidably the best path toward the success of their dreams. The Indian mindset is such that human beings are convinced that the brightest and the best guys usually head towards western international locations, where their intellect is preferred and rewarded. Material comfort, monetary security whilst introduced to the logo fee related to living distant places, will become the dream of each determine for his daughter.

But is it as easy as marrying in India, and lived overseas a cakewalk? Not without a doubt, as the assessment between existence in India and other countries is an excessive amount of to be taken lightly. Girls aspiring to marry overseas want to make an aware attempt and alternate their gift way of life consistent with the requirements of the future.

NRIs or Non-Resident Indians are those fellow countrymen who have stepped beyond Indian soil in pursuit of a task, build a profession, or start a commercial enterprise. Whatever the undertaking, working overseas surely way extra cash, extra recognition of expertise and dignity of exertions, first-rate work surroundings together with immense activity delight, success coming lots faster than it might anywhere in India. That a dollar or euro income allows affording suitable lifestyles, is likewise a consideration. Large villas, plush residences, latest automobiles, seaside vacations, all come inside a short time period. It is the exceptional option for a generation that loves to paintings hard and plays tough. Back in India, they command a new form of recognizing, doorways open for them, and heads flip with a look of awe and admiration from all around.