On Wednesday, the journeying Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications, Anne Berner, attributed her country’s socio-monetary development to the authorities’ commitment to ensuring super training for all. Ms. Berner is touring Nigeria to attend the Sixteenth Meeting of the Nordic and African Foreign Ministers on “Ensuring Sustainable Development via Trade and Investment: The Africa-Nordic Engagement”. “Education is a vital issue contributing to economic increase and an area in which Nordic companions have introduced price.

“In Finland, we believe the important thing to our economic success has been ensuring outstanding training for all. “What could be very clear is that girls’ training makes the financial experience further to being just and honest. “Investment in girls boosts monetary development, competitiveness, job creation, and Gross Domestic Product. No economy can find the money to disregard any such massive capacity,” she said. Ms. Berner, also the Finnish Minister for Nordic Cooperation on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also mentioned the personal zone’s position in promoting sustainable development in Finland. The twin minister described Africa as a continent with significant natural resources, human capital, and substantial markets.

She also introduced that the Prime Ministers of the five Nordic international locations had recently released an initiative called “the Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges”. According to her, the industry will receive recognition for modern Nordic solutions for carbon-neutral development, sustainable cities, meals, welfare, and gender equality.


“Today, with ever more interdependence among Europe and Africa, we within the Nordic countries are expanding our partnership with African international locations. “Africa is a continent of sizeable herbal resources, human capital, and probably extensive markets. “The mere presence of Nordic and other companies in Africa is a sworn statement to that capability,” she stated. The Ambassador of Finland to Nigeria, Pirjo Suomela-Chowdhury, restated her Embassy’s dedication to promoting exchange between Nigeria and Finland.

According to her, there will be extra win-win and useful trade members of the family opportunities between Nigeria and Finland soon. “Last yr, we successfully went to Nigeria with the aid of our Deputy Minister for External Economic Relations, with an enterprise delegation. “And I am looking forward to greater exchanges and multiplied change among our countries,” she delivered. The Finnish compulsory training machine includes a 6-12 month primary faculty education and three months in middle college. Education in Finland has no training expenses, and fully subsidized food is served to all full-time college students.