You can easily discover many over the Internet, which can come as a piece of excellent news to a uninterested person in the Universal Media Disc (UMD). If you are tired of shelling out massive amounts of cash for UMDs of your PSP, you need to try and download video games for it. Along with downloading video games, you could also get films, movies, songs, photographs, e-books, comics, and topics at no cost. As long as your reminiscence stick has sufficient space to save all this content, you’ll be thrilled with the quantity and form of files that you have to get right to entry too.

Finding the Games

Thousands of websites intend to provide your video games at no cost; however, now, not all of them are dependable. Many of these downloads may additionally contain malicious software programs that could doubtlessly harm your console. Therefore, you need to be very cautious and precise about the supply. Always pick a properly reputed and encouraged website. The official Sony save will also offer you content, but this could value you just slightly less than buying the original UMD from the market. The trouble with piracy and the free stream is harming Sony very intensely. However, this is something that is absolutely out of their manipulate.



Various websites offer services for a one-time club charge. This charge can be less than one PSP sports fee, so it’s far definitely worth it. You will get unlimited get admission to their wide assortment of multimedia content for so long as you wish, without having to pay ever again. The handiest drawback here is that you could now not get the state-of-the-art and quite acclaimed games. Moreover, you could rest assured that every one of the games and content material you get from those websites can be completely virus-free and pose no hazard to your tool.

Modding the Console

This is slang for “modifying.” It is the biggest danger that Sony faces. No, rely upon how superior they make their console and what number of protection and anti-hacking features they mean. A person will hack into it in the end. A modded PSP is needed to download video games to the reminiscence stick totally free, and this has turned out to be very smooth you bought now. Once a device has been modded, it could play whatever was acquired from anywhere.


One manner to mod is tender-modding. This is carried out using putting in a sure home-brew software on the console and is the most famous way for modding. The exceptional element is that, once the console is switched off, the mod vanishes. Thus, the folks that smooth mod their tool do now not switch it off at all; they, in reality, placed it into hibernation.

Another manner of modding is by attaching a unique hardware chip to the console. This is more everlasting in nature and might handiest be achieved using someone who’s experienced and nicely versed in this venture. Note that doing so will nullify the guarantee of your console, and if Sony reveals out you have got established this chip, they may take felony action in opposition to you. Hence, do this at your own risk! Finding PSP video games for free over the Internet isn’t hard, but locating the right supply is. If you need to get them at no cost, you may compromise on the choices to be had and potentially give up the rights to the tool’s guarantee.