On Tuesday, because the Trump administration sunk further into the maw of the Russia scandal, Vice President Mike Pence took an experience to the Department of Health and Human Services headquarters and delivered a speech to the personnel. “Now I know this room is packed with ladies and men who care deeply about bringing exceptional health care to every American,” he stated, “and rest confident, President Donald Trump needs precisely the same aspect.”

That dedication — echoed elsewhere in the speech via a name for a “brighter health care future for each American” and a promise to “supply the American human beings access to the arena-magnificence health care that every American deserves” — is consistent with the rhetorical technique Donald Trump took at the marketing campaign trail.

Candidate Trump became a distinctive form of Republican. However, Cozier, with overt racism and Islamophobia, is less steeped in American political behavior norms, and she is also more heterodox on core home coverage issues. He became going to shield Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security from cuts and update the Affordable Care Act with a “brilliant” new device that might “cowl anybody” and provide the lower charges and deductibles the American people desired.

Pence, speaking Tuesday, supplied reassurance that nothing has changed, promising only “ancient flexibility to reform Medicaid in ways so that it will first-class serve the maximum vulnerable of their communities” and thanking the HHS group of workers for the “leading function in making the pleasant health care machine inside the global even higher.”


The only problem is that it’s all lies. Trump’s health care plan doesn’t shield Medicaid; it looks to finance hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts. The new “flexibility” it gives to states will ensure that the most inclined are the most hurt. In addition to slashing the Medicaid rolls via millions, the Trump fitness care plan will see thousands and thousands extra lose coverage, and the remainder will face better charges for cowl-less projects.

There’s not anything remotely high-quality for you until you appear to be one of the few high-earnings Americans who can expect a large tax reduction paid for by millions of newly uninsured human beings. It’s a substantial con perpetrated on people Trump duped into believing they have been in at the scam. And while the Russia scenario is certainly a large deal, Trump has at the least in no way made a secret of his admiration of Vladimir Putin — his up-is-down approach to health care deserves to be visible as the most important Trump scandal of all.


Donald Trump made large, clean promises on fitness. Donald Trump no longer runs a wonkish marketing campaign closely centered on unique white papers or heritage briefings with experts. He did, but he makes a few pretty clear promises on fitness care coverage. “I’m now not going to reduce Social Security like each different Republican, and I’m now not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid,” Trump informed the conservative Daily Signal way lower back in May 2015. “Every different Republican goes to cut, and even if they wouldn’t, they don’t realize what to do because they don’t understand wherein the money is. I do