Whatever the economic climate may be, the demand for housing is ever-present. Though from time to time it may fluctuate, there is always a new generation, a new player coming into the market. As Generation Z enters their mid-twenties, they are also getting severe in the real estate market.

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And who are the Generation Zers?

Facts about the Generation Zers

Members of Generation Z are those born between 1997 and 2015. They compose over 20.35% of the US population. Generation Z is deemed the most ethnically and culturally diverse, highly educated yet, and tech-savvy compared to older generations.

What defines Gen Zers from others is their relationship with mobile technology. While millennials only began adopting emerging technologies as they entered adulthood, social media, digital communication, and mobile devices have always been a way of life for Gen Zers.

Although social media has a prominent role in the lives of Gen Zers, they are very careful with their privacy compared to previous generations.

Particularly when it comes to marketing strategies, Gen Zers are sensitive. For them, the typical marketing tactics are somewhat intrusive. This generation prefers authentic, non-invasive, and personalized means of communication.

Home Ownership and Gen Z

While millennials came of age when the housing market crashed, Gen Zers only saw the real estate market’s continuous upswing. Most Gen Zers do not remember how it was for families during the Great Recession.

Gen Zers are more optimistic than millennials when it comes to homeownership. Based on surveys, most Gen Zers feel their generation has much better opportunities than millennials.

Gen Zers have good reason, too, to feel more optimistic about the future. Compared to previous generations, this cohort has a more fiscally responsible attitude.

85% of Gen Zers agree on actual savings, with 63% saying they consider themselves economizers, while only 37% see themselves as spendthrifts.

Nonetheless, this generation experiences the same problem as previous generations regarding housing affordability.

Data shows that it takes three times longer for young people to raise the 20% downpayment for a house. Most Gen Zers also have their share of debts, sometimes making it hard to find the best home mortgage lender.

Gen Zers are visibly the new players in the real estate market. Knowing what ticks them off, what appeals to their senses, and how their psyche works is crucial.

How to Appeal to Gen Z Homebuyers

1. Strong Online Presence

Digital technology plays a massive role in the lives of Gen Zers. They spend the majority of their time online. They do their initial research online. So, if your company does not have a robust online presence, or worse, no online presence, then forget about marketing to Gen Zers.

It takes more than just a website to build an online presence. Having a solid social media presence on various SNSs is also essential.

2. Instant Communication

Along with having a robust digital presence is the need to communicate 24/7.

Living in the digital age means instant communication, and Gen Zers expect you to respond immediately to any queries. Thus, it would be helpful for your company to develop chatbots. Chatbots can cater to some basic questions.

Omnichannel communication lines are also crucial for Gen Zers. They do not want to repeat the same things repeatedly when communicating with you. They want streamlined, transparent communication.

3. Transparency

Generation Z values honesty and transparency. Unsurprisingly, this generation has grown up in a world becoming increasingly aware of the issues and nuances surrounding equality and social justice.

Gen Zers love to do their research before doing business with a company. They put so much value on reviews and feedback. For them, a company that could address complaints directly with transparency and acknowledge failings is more impressive than ones that put on a front.

4. Informative Marketing Strategy

Although the same with millennials facing surmounting student loans and other debts, almost all Gen Zers are positive about the prospect of becoming homeowners. As mentioned, compared with previous generations, Gen Zers have a better grasp of finances.

However, most do not feel confident in understanding how mortgages work. So, aspiring homeowner Gen Zers are gravitating towards informative marketing strategies. That is an educational marketing method catering to their needs.

Free online resources, infographics, and how-to videos will favor companies targeting Gen Z’s attention.

5. Accommodate Their Needs

Part of being conscious of social justice issues is the need of Gen Zers for financial inclusion. While previous generations have emphasized the typical ‘American dream’, Gen Zers value equality and individualism while being community-conscious.

For Gen Zers, affordability of housing is essential. Seeing the struggles of millennials, this cohort is more frugal and more in touch with the financial climate. They are more mindful of managing their money to avoid common pitfalls, such as being drowned in student debt.

As we have seen in the last two years, everything is uncertain. But one thing is certain: another young generation is entering the real estate market.