Vyhnalek: Ag apps help Nebraska farmers

Technology has ended up a necessary part of agricultural production, and cell apps are a critical factor. Obviously, smartphones are common for farmers and ranchers — regardless of their age — and this precious era can do an awful lot extra than taking a look at electronic mail and social media.

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Speed scouting is a new approach for figuring out whether or not pest populations have reached the motion threshold for treatment with an insecticide. These apps, “Aphid Speed Scout” and “Western Bean Cutworm Speed Scout,” will lessen the amount of time wanted for scouting so that it will make treatment decisions.


The “Nebraska On-Farm Research Network” app facilitates manufacturers participating in the community to layout and manage their on-farm research. The app permits you to create remedy strips in your very own field and broadens a map of your studies examination. Once the sector is created, you have got the capacity to go into periodic observations associated with pests, irrigation, or other key observations, including pix. After the trial, you input harvest records and export them to an Excel record with observations, yield statistics, and plot layout. The app is loose and to be had for Apple and Android gadgets.

The “Pesticide Recordkeeping” or “PeRK” app changed into evolved via the Pesticide Safety Education Program as a smooth way to keep pesticide records on the cross. The app presents an easy, step-by-step statistics-entry manner to enter pesticide utility statistics and meets all Nebraska document-keeping laws for personal and commercial/non-industrial pesticide applicators. Records are saved inside the app and maybe exported through email. This app is also unfastened and available for Apple and Android gadgets.

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The “Grain Marketing Plan” applets you to create grain marketing plans for corn, soybeans, and winter wheat. The software updates you daily with new statistics allowing you to modify your plans based totally on cutting-edge market conditions. Most importantly, this utility allows you to affect your plan by notifying you when it’s time to marketplace your grain. The app is to be had for Apple devices and is free if you could use the code LINE17 to get admission to included features of the app.

The “Harvest Test Weight Converter” app can help you figure out the crop-decrease quantity of grain, in area estimation of crop yields for corn, soybeans, and wheat, and quantity of grain bins and grain piles. The app is unfastened and available for Apple and Android devices. I want to thank Tyler Williams, Extension educator in Lancaster County, for offering the information used in this week’s column.