Last year, the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy theater and faculty became the epicenter of a conversation approximately assault, harassment, and the way they’re suggested whilst it banned the host of an everyday display after he turned into accused, on Facebook, of raping a couple of women.

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Not that UCB, which has outposts in each New York and Los Angeles, did not have its very own official channels for reporting misconduct. It did, amongst them, a hotline, counselors available in each place, and a human resource branch. But its hotline has never gotten a lot of use. And while human beings come to peer counselors, they are regularly hesitant to file something formally, said Marissa Tunis, who heads counseling at the New York location. “They’re terrified of retribution,” she stated.

Starting this month, as a way to get more human beings to return ahead formally, UCB is providing Callisto, an app for reporting harassment and attack, to its employees, students, and performers on each coast. “We need to cope with the issues whilst they’re added to us,” said Alex Sidtis; it is dealing with a director in New York. It’s uncertain whether any of the ladies who said the banned comic had raped them had made a legit report; UCB declined to touch upon that case. But organizations that adore it are hoping that victims of misconduct might discover apps greater herbal than hotlines and less intimidating than reporting in person – and as a result, be much more likely to come ahead.

Reporting an incident is the least common response for sufferers of administrative center harassment, consistent with Patty Wise, labor and employment lawyer who advises groups’ human resource departments on sexual harassment claims. Most often, she said, victims do nothing. Like victims at UCB, they worry about retaliation, she said. They will also be uncertain what counts as harassment.


The hassle is large, and it isn’t new. A meta-analysis of research from 2008 located that much less than a 3rd of those who stated they had been confused at paintings ever reported it in any respect, and handiest 2% to 13% filed a formal criticism with HR or an outside entity. Just this year, at Fox News, where a sexual harassment scandal compelled out a prime executive and a pinnacle host, a few girls who stated they had been pressured said they in no way even knew the organization had a hotline.


For UCB, Callisto appealed due to a feature meant to allay sufferers’ reluctance to turn out to be the primary man or woman to accuse somebody. Many sufferers do not need to report harassment or assault because they consider it may have been a one-time incident, or they’re not certain whether what they have experienced is an attack. Callisto lets them log it without formally reporting it; then, if someone else reports the identical person, they’re notified and requested if they want to return forward with their assault. It lowers the hazard for you while growing the moral imperative to do so,” stated Jess Ladd, the chief govt officer of Project Callisto, which evolved the app. “You’re now not just doing it for yourself.”

Other than UCB, the most effective institutions the use of Callisto are faculties. Students can use it to study what defines harassment, how their college’s reporting system works, and what would possibly come of creating a reputable document. From there, college students have 3 options for reporting: file the incident with a time stamp, make a professional document electronically, or report the wrongdoer best if a person else additionally names him. Ladd has no immediate plans to attain out to greater agencies. However, he thinks “the model should work certainly well in offices.”

Other harassment-reporting apps also are finding their way into offices. This spring, the fitness care provider Kaiser Permanente commenced piloting one known as StopIt in 9 of its workplaces. Within forty-eight hours, it received 3 reviews it has seen that began investigating. StopIt, which goes like a messaging app, lets sufferers and witnesses anonymously report harassment and encompass evidence that includes screenshots or video. We could directors respond and ask for information. Unlike many hotlines, it does not course claims first via a third party; as a substitute, it offers an organization’s HR department admission to information as soon because it receives state, in actual time.