Jon Constable and his companions at Seawall Development Co. Toured meal markets around the United States before starting Baltimore’s R. House in December.

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It becomes Brooklyn’s Bergen, a larger hall with meal carriers, that stimulated Constable’s eureka second — their new destination may want to at once enchantment to households and urbanites. “Cool and kid-friendly don’t need to be at the same time exclusive,” Constable says.

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The 350-seat R. House functions with high chairs and play areas to attract families and a huge relevant bar that draws a crowd later. Roll-up storage doors from its preceding incarnation, as an auto showroom and colorful, secure sofas and plants scattered at some stage in the 50,000-square-foot space give it an innovative sense.

Located less than a mile from Johns Hopkins University in the Remington neighborhood, the $12 million markets incorporate ten eateries from Venezuelan arepas to Hawaiian poké to tacos. R. Bar serves nearby beer, wine, and seasonal cocktails from Aaron Joseph and Amie Ward.

Nationally, the public’s appetite for informal, chef-pushed concepts continues to grow. Developers and superstar cooks present a new meal corridor weekly, consistent with a document from estate company Cushman & Wakefield. Among the greater high-profile initiatives: Anthony Bourdain’s one hundred fifty-five, the 0000-rectangular-foot marketplace is slated to open in New York in years. New Eataly locations debuted in New York and Chicago for the first 12 months. Food hall tenants vary from Michelin’s famous person chef-pushed ideas to new upstarts.

And certainly, at R. House, tenant Federico Tischler has labored at Michelin-starred eating places in South America and gives you specific takes on areas (filled corn pockets) at White Envelope. “It’s a car to show the subculture and flavor of Venezuela,” Tischler says.

Vegetarian restaurant Stall Eleven serves smoothies, smoothie bowls, salads, and noodle dishes with veggies sourced from the proprietors’ hydroponic urban farming initiative, Urban Pastoral. Twin sisters Nat and Much Teng introduce Hilo, Baltimore’s first spot to serve poké, a Hawaiian dish offering cubed raw fish atop rice. Another sister duo, Heather Chung and Mimi Kim, promote Korean dumplings and rice bowls at Be. Bim.

Two nearby restaurateurs have expanded their business at R. House. Known for his popular Baba’s Mediterranean Kitchen, Farid Salloum has opened the Mediterranean eatery ARBA, whose menu consists of falafel, shawarma, and hummus. Serving breakfast sandwiches and coffee, Ground & Griddled proprietor Dave Sherman also operates Café Cito in Hampden. Dessert fans can head to Little Baby’s Ice Cream and Bakery Blk//Sugar, operated via Pete Angevine and Krystal Mack, which proportion a stall.

“It’s a notable launch pad for new standards and cooks,” says Alex Janian of R. House. The former hedge fund manager owns fried chicken and wings spot BRD and Amano Taco, whose chef Claudia Santillan features her family recipes in her tacos.


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