Installing a home solar panels system is one of the most meaningful investments you can make in your home and lifestyle. According to the experts at solar company Vivint Solar, solar energy offers long-term financial benefits while advancing sustainability and independence. As photovoltaic (PV) solar panel technology continues improving, and costs keep falling, harnessing the sun is more viable than ever for homeowners. If going solar is intriguing but you have questions, understanding the many advantages can make the decision clear.


Harnessing the Sun – The Advantages of Installing Home Solar Panels 1
Solar panels on a house roof

The Financial Case

The top motivator for most homeowners is the ability to reduce and potentially eliminate monthly electricity bills. Buoyed by government incentives, solar installations can quickly pay for themselves from the resulting utility savings. Then they continue producing free renewable energy for decades.

Federal Tax Credit

A 26% federal tax credit on the cost of a home solar energy system extends through 2032. With the average 5 kilowatt solar array costing around $15,000, the tax credit saves approximately $4,000 off the initial investment. This goes a long way toward achieving a quicker payoff period.

Net Metering Savings

Net metering policies allow excess solar energy produced but not immediately used on-site to flow back to the grid. Your utility company must credit you for this surplus production via net metering. During sunny days when your solar panels are maximally productive, your meter essentially spins backwards, reducing electricity drawn from the grid at night.

Reduced Electric Bills

The combined savings from net metering and lower overall grid energy use means substantial reductions in your monthly electric bills. While owning rather than leasing solar equipment requires more upfront outlay, ownership results in the maximal long-term financial benefit. With a purchased system, savings from reduced utility bills continue long after the original cost is recouped.

Minimal Maintenance

Solar PV systems require little ongoing maintenance once installed. With no moving parts, properly installed solar arrays only need occasional cleaning along with one inverter replacement around year 15-20 of operation. Panels come with 20-30 year manufacturer warranties as well. This means decades of minimal maintenance costs.

Increased Home Value

Adding solar panels boosts your home’s value. Appraisers factor in both the electricity cost savings and reduced environmental footprint. This value boost helps recapture some of your original installation costs when selling.

Independence and Sustainability

While finances provide the motivation for most homeowners, solar energy’s environmental and independence benefits are also compelling. Solar energy generates emissions-free renewable electricity right at home. And it reduces reliance on utilities and the traditional energy grid.

Grid Independence

Generating your own sun-powered energy provides greater grid independence. While a grid-tied system doesn’t allow full energy independence, battery storage options are becoming more affordable. Stored solar energy can provide backup power during utility outages. And someday options like selling excess energy back to the grid may exist. With solar power, you control energy production.

Cleaner Personal Footprint

Solar panels produce clean, green energy from the sun’s rays with no climate emissions or pollutants. Displacing grid electricity from fossil fuels slashes your home’s carbon footprint. Energy independence and self-sufficiency never felt so rewarding.

Long-Term Price Stability

Fossil fuel energy costs fluctuate unpredictably as supply and demand for coal, oil, and natural gas shift globally. Utility companies pass price volatility directly to consumers through electric bills. With solar, you lock in stable pricing for decades. Exposure to volatile energy markets is greatly reduced. Protection from price swings provides peace of mind.


With a clearer picture of the solar energy advantages, you can determine if and when installing solar panels makes sense for your home. Harnessing the sun can provide lasting benefits for your household budget and conscience.