Before we turn to expertise on what ATF is, allow us to recognize what automated transmission is. It is an automated gearbox that modifies tools ratios as a car actions. Automatic gears relieve the driving force from the crucial undertaking of changing gears with the changing velocity. Automobiles ready with automatic transmission are famous due to the ease they offer in driving. In truth, maximum vehicles in the United States have automatic transmission.

The Know It Guy

ATF stands for computerized transmission fluid. It serves as a lubricant for vehicle gears. Besides being a lubricant, it additionally aids the valve operation and allows lessen brake band friction. It acts as a hydraulic medium inside the power steering structures in cars. What is it composed of? It is enormously subtle mineral oil. Synthetic computerized transmission fluid gives better performance and provider lifestyles.

What are the exceptional varieties of automatic transmission fluids? Type F is an ancient form of ATF that changed into added in 1967 through Ford and is additionally used by Toyota. It changed into used for asbestos clutches. Type CJ is a unique fluid supposed for Ford C6 transmissions and is similar in composition to Dexron II, a fluid with the aid of General Motors. Mercon is specific to Ford and was added in 1987. This fluid is in cutting-edge use. Mercon V is the latest type introduced via Ford, and it was revised in 2007. Dexron is the ATF used for General Motors’ motors. Type B becomes the original formulation used, and Type A turned into use even before that. Dexron II, Dexron IIE, and Dexron III are a number of the advanced versions of Dexron. The MERCON and DEXRON series are major specs of ATF. Every automobile manufacturer recommends one of the ATF specs within the vehicle proprietor’s manual. ATF products are bought the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) license that has given the specifications.

Automatic Transmission

It is crucial to test your automobile’s automated transmission fluid degree every month. That’s essential to enhance the overall performance of vehicle additives which show a lack of smooth transferring. The owner’s guide will grant you the info on replacing the automatic transmission fluid of your vehicle. For older cars, the encouraged c program language period between consecutive additions of ATF is about 24,000-30,000 miles of walking.

How to check the ATF level of your vehicle? To test its stage for your automobile, you need to park it within the tools role ‘park’ or ‘neutral.’ You want to allow the engine to warm up. So go away the automobile engine in the strolling country for some time unless the proprietor’s guide shows otherwise. Take the equipment shift thru all the gears and convey it back to ‘park.’

Next, find the dipstick, which is placed behind the automobile engine, and eliminate it. Then push the stick returned and take it away once more. This time, study the top of the dipstick. See if there are markings, one for the bloodless readings and the alternative for the warm ones. Check the extent of ATF. If it does now not fit with the ‘complete’ mark at the dipstick, it means you require including ATF. It desires to be introduced via the hole from which the dipstick got here out. You can use a funnel to do that. Do not neglect to put lower back the dipstick to which it turned into after the fluid takes a look at is performed.


ATF is a quite neglected but essential constituent of an automobile engine. The computerized transmission gadget has worked wonders by using automating the method of changing automobile gears. ATF is like one among its ‘essential vitamins.’