It is envisioned that some 100,000 tourists visit Morocco every 12 months with the primary goal of exploring the United States’ widespread mountain regions and with accurate cause. Upland Morocco offers wonderful splendor, excessive drama, and intriguing cultural encounters in equal degree, and, with an emerging infrastructure to deal with the needs of modern-day journey vacationers and a protracted list of overseas and neighborhood excursion operators that provide nicely organized journey tours, there is by no means been a higher time to go to the ‘Land of the Berbers’. Mountain trekking, characterized by multi-day hiking circuits often incorporating a summit climb, draws the lion’s share of site visitors, even though mountain biking, mountain climbing, and canyoning are growing in recognition. Accessibility and infrastructure tend to dictate which areas draw the most interest; suffice to mention that the Toubkal National Park inside the High Atlas is by using far the maximum visited the place by way of the distinctive feature of its proximity to the vacationer Mecca of Marrakesh.

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Trekking Practicalities

Times have modified since the first European excursion conquered Jebel Toubkal in 1923. Back then, the belief of hiking a mountain for pleasure might have been an alien concept for High Atlas villages. Even though this can nonetheless be the case in the remoter areas, the inhabitants of Morocco’s most important trailheads have a great know-how of the tourist requirements. All of the united states of America’s main hiking areas have a principal village or metropolis wherein you can engage the services of mountain courses, mules to carry baggage, and cooks if required. Some villages have a legit guide workplace (Imlil and Setti Fatma are two examples), but if now not, asking round generally yields brief consequences. In all but the very busiest season, you have to find a manual available for a departure day after today. Check the guide’s credentials as the United States’ best professional mountain courses have finished an intensive education route at Africa’s only mountain manual schooling University at Trabant in the Ait Bougmez valley. Bone five courses carry a permit that you can ask to peer. Discuss in element your plans and goals, agree on a rate earlier than setting off, examine the need for a cook and mule(s) to carry your bags, and make certain which you are clean on the accommodation and catering state of affairs at the same time as on trek. Most trekking circuits require you to camp in the absence of any other options, even though positive villages inside the High Atlas offer simple accommodations for walkers. The Club Alpin Français (CAF) operates 5 refuges in the Toubkal National Park, and some regions are equipped with Gites d’Etape,


fundamental village houses certified to serve hot food and offer accommodations for tourists. Such homes are important to the rural economy, and studies were undertaken in regions of the High Atlas suggest that the revenue generated from lodging twenty hikers on a half board foundation is equivalent to a year’s sales from agriculture – an amazing enough reason in itself for opting to live in a Gite anyplace viable. Also, undergo in mind the gadget-intensive nature of camping in your ride-making plans.

Where to go


Morocco’s hiking regions’ maximum visited is the Toubkal National Park inside the High Atlas, home to the USA’s maximum peak, Jebel Toubkal (4167m/13671ft). Between the past, due spring and early autumn, Toubkal, on hand from the village of Imlil, can be scaled in days, even though many walkers choose to shop North Africa’s maximum peak for the climax of per week’s trekking beginning from Setti Fatma (in the Ourika Valley) or Oukaimeden. Throughout plenty of the High Atlas valley walks (rather than peaks) provide the high-quality picture of rural existence, which, in many groups, has barely changed in centuries. The legendary hospitality of the Berber people and the chic splendor of those villages leaves a long-lasting imprint on all who visit.

Further to the east, M’goun (4071m/13356 ft), Morocco’s 1/3 maximum top, sits in one of the maximum lovely elements of the High Atlas. The trailhead valley of Ait Bougmez is home to some of us of quality-preserved vernacular Berber architecture and gives a trouble-free start line for five to ten-day circuits that scale M’goun. Head for this location at some stage in the summer season months wherein temperatures not often exceed 28°c, a welcome break from the heat of Marrakech, which lies some four hours with the aid of the street to the west.

One of the few valleys whose beauty compares to Bougmez is the Vallée del. A. Tassaout, which is accessed by way of the Tizi-n-Rouault bypass from the M’goun vicinity. Villages in this valley appear to be some of the best in Morocco and provide exciting opportunities for hikers, whether tenting or gaining Gifted tape accommodation in some of the hamlets along the Tessaout River. The Bougmez and Tessaout valleys shape degrees of a tremendous three-week High Atlas traverse that link this extraordinary area with the Toubkal place. A program offered more and more by way of overseas journey excursion operators.