The hi-tech undercover agent and surveillance system used by the secret agent kids in the Spy Kids Trilogy drove every kid crazy. Though they knew that each device used by Carmen and Juni was simply myth items, it didn’t stop them from longing for those gizmos. If there are secrets and techniques to hold inside the globe, there will be spies searching for those hidden data. In less complicated phrases, spying has sure allure and intrigue that attracts both youngsters and adults. No wonder youngsters like to enact undercover marketers who hazard their lives to get hold of a mystery that is expensive to their united states or resolves a mystery that has left anybody stumped with the assist of exciting clues and cool gadgets. In reality, the devices used by a spy are essential to him and may make all the difference in his line of labor. So, if you are planning to shape a spy institution of your own, you need to gather essential secret agent equipment that will resource you in winning those video games of spying.

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Spy Gear for Kids Invisible Ink

This is the most common and oldest secret agent gadget you could want to send secret messages to your institution pals. Whenever you need to call an assembly of your fellow spies or deliver some secret information concerning a person or some statistics, invisible ink can come to your rescue. To write an invisible message, dip a toothpick or some other sharp object in lemon, milk, white wine, vinegar, apple juice, or orange juice and write on the paper. Let it dry completely. To see the message, preserve it in front of a mild bulb or candle flame (not too near). The warmth of the bulb will make the message seem in a brown shade. You also can use sweat or saliva to put in writing a mystery message. Since all body fluids are fluorescent by nature, they may be detected under UV light. So, the individual that has to study the message has to have a UV light supply. This is a totally famous conflict-time method of sending invisible messages. It provides the thrill to the whole of the sport of hiding a secret and protective it out of your foes.


This is a completely beneficial tool for an undercover agent whilst he does the actual spy paintings. It can be used to peep thru the windows and doors without being seen. The periscope is a Z-shaped device that can be crafted from simple cardboard pieces. However, over the years, this device has passed through some minor changes. They are: imperative vertically slanting line is directly in a periscope, and two mirrors are to be geared up firmly at the 2 joints in which the slanting and horizontal strains meet on the top and at the lowest. The perspective of each of the mirrors inside the periscope has to be exactly 45 tiers, with the reflecting aspects facing each differently, such that the top mirror displays the photo, visible from the upper hole, to the decrease mirror, which we can see via the lower hole.


Make the periscope as thin as viable so that nobody can spot it at the same time as you’re retaining it up. Periscopes are used in submarines to spy on enemies.

Magnifying Glass

Let us step back in time and cherish the thriller-fixing abilities of the bygone days. Forget high-quality devices that tell you the exact location of a suspect through GPS, get the preserve of a magnifying glass, and clear up the ‘what,’ ‘whilst,’ and ‘where’ of a puzzling mystery through the old-fashioned manner. Put at the apparel of the best detective ever regarded – Sherlock Homes and discover where did your father forget his favorite watch or a few different little puzzles of your house and school via proper vintage artwork of detection.

Magnifying glass provides an element vision of clues left at the back of through the wrongdoer. More than simply cloak and dagger stuff, it takes the diligence of a focused spy to get to quiet of an otherwise baffling mystery. You can also include the spirit of an unrelenting spy and locate evidence hidden in simple sight.


A walkie-talkie set could be essential for an undercover agent to preserve in touch together with his fellow spies. An equipped-made walkie-talkie set is without problems to be had in toy shops, or you may make one the use of plastic or paper cups. The paper/plastic walkie-talkie will paintings for a constrained distance given that it’s far made by attaching the 2 cups with a single continuous string.

Make a small hole in each of the cups at the lowest and insert a string-thru it to make this walkie-talkie. Pull out the string and make a huge enough not so that it gets stuck inside the cup. This is the fine undercover agent machine for groups, a good way to help your fellow spies to talk with every different. With the assist of this tool, you could pair up together with your accomplice-in-sleuth and idiot your enemies with tricky schemes.