Decoding 5G New Radio 

Everywhere you appearance nowadays, 5G is at the middle of conversations approximately thrilling new era. Recent bulletins from Mobile World Congress 2017 in late February imply that 5G is already right here. The fact is that 5G isn’t here yet, but we are becoming nearer….


Chip Hall of Fame: Nvidia NV20 

  Many researchers have co-opted effective snap shots processing gadgets, or GPUs, to run climate models and other medical applications, at the same time as tech and financial giants use large banks of these processors to train device-studying algorithms. They all have video-sport players to…


How to Fly a Drone With Your Body 

Using best the actions of one’s torso to pilot a drone is extra intuitive—and greater unique—than a joystick, in line with new studies from engineers at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. The technique, tested in digital fact and with actual drones,…


Role of POS Systems 

Technology is rapidly advancing the way you do business today. Some of the tech advances that have been introduced in the market serve to enhance your ability to serve customers better while making your work as a business manager easy. The point of sale system…