FRESNO, Calif (KFSN) — A Fresno Halloween tragedy is getting international attention once more. Netflix’s show “Death through Magic” will characteristic a Valley magician who died even as performing a “buried alive magic” trick on Halloween night time nearly 30 years ago.

Netflix show

About a hundred humans, such as small children, attended that buried alive performance that became placed on to raise money for a local drug and alcohol rehab facility. The magician’s sons inform us that the fundraising event changed into so essential to their dad that he went alongside it even after realizing a crack in his coffin right before the show. Action news video indicates Joe Burrus, referred to as “The Amazing Joe,” being lowered seven ft into the floor at Blackbeard’s Family Entertainment Center in East Central Fresno 28 years ago.

But his buried alive trick fast becomes tragedy after seven tons of dust and cement had been poured on top of Amazing Joe’s plexiglass casket at the same time as he laid handcuffed and chained. The sound of the materials caving in pressured the 32-year-vintage group members to leap into motion… As his two boys and spouse watched frantically nearby. “I in no way predicted that, or I would not have been right here,” said Burrus’ Widow Linda Burrus. Now guys with children of their personal, those boys were both haunted by what they saw at simply ten and thirteen years antique. “I remember it adore it was the day before this, he without a doubt loved what he did, he was looking to be the following large aspect,” said Burrus’ son Josh Burrus.

Netflix show

The entertainer’s oldest son even telling us his father changed into so close to pulling off the not possible. “He become on his manner up while the whole lot came crashing down on him, he simply made it out he simply did not have a risk to get out of the grave because he suffocated,” stated Burrus’ eldest son Joe Burrus. Jennifer O’Rourke becomes overlaying the story as a television information photographer.

“I nonetheless see the shot in which they pulled him out of the cement vividly. I’ve in no way been to erase that shot from my mind,” stated new photographer Jennifer O’Rourke. She says her digital camera light helped first responders at some stage in the rescue. A memory remarkable Joe’s sons can even in no way forget about. But it’s miles their dad’s legacy that comforts them nowadays because they understand he died doing what he loved.