Tree of lifestyles theories is related to unique existence factors consisting of faith, technological know-how, mythology, philosophy, etc. The meaning related to the tree of life can alternate in distinctive contexts. In numerous mythologies, theologies, and philosophies worldwide, the tree of life is used as a motif or symbol to symbolize many extraordinary features. The concept of the tree of life is likewise utilized in the phenomenon of evolution. The phenomenon is used metaphorically to explain the idea of not unusual descent. Darwin’s tree of lifestyles is an essential concept not to forget this place of taking a look at.

Tree of existence and tree of knowledge are two styles of the arena tree/cosmic tree. ‘Tree of life’ connects extraordinary life forms, while ‘Tree of know-how’ connects the heaven and underworld.
Tree of Life in Different Cultures There are special theories and mythologies associated with the tree of existence in distinctive cultures. Let us understand those theories one at a time.


The tree of existence is referred to inside the ‘Book of Genesis.’ It is assumed that the tree was planted in the ‘Garden of Eden.’ Abrahamic religions accomplice the tree of lifestyles with paradise. It is believed that the tree becomes planted using the Abrahamic God. In Christianity, the tree of lifestyles is a tree that bears fruits that supply immortality. According to the ideals held using Catholic Christians, humanity freed from sins and corruption is symbolized by way of the tree of lifestyles. The Mormon Bible has a barely extraordinary view of the tree of life. According to the Mormons, the tree of existence symbolizes love. The tree is also stated in the ‘Book of Revelation.’ It is assumed that the tree possesses recuperation houses.

Darwin’s Tree of Life

Darwin proposed a tree of life that’s symbolic of all residing beings’ not unusual ancestral foundation. The relation or hyperlink between birds and dinosaurs is depicted with the assist of this tree. It is likewise possible to set up an analogy between the organic classification device and the idea of the tree of lifestyles. The biological type gadget can assist in tracing any given species to its roots, i.E. Eukarya, Bacteria, or Archea.

Chinese Mythology

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As per Chinese mythology, a dragon and phoenix are included in depicting the tree of existence. The dragon is revered for immortality. ‘Fenghuang,’ a creature just like the Phoenix, is 2nd best to the dragon in phrases of the honor being presented. There is a connection with the tree of lifestyles in a Taoist story. The tree bears a peach fruit once in 3 thousand years.

Egyptian Culture

The acacia tree of ‘Saosis’ is considered the tree of life with the aid of Egyptians. As in keeping with the Ennead system (nine deities) of ancient Egyptians, Isis and Osiris are the primary couples. They emerged from the tree of life i.E—the acacia of Saosis.

Buddhist Beliefs

The Bodhi-tree (wisdom-tree), in step with Buddhists, is the Tree of Enlightenment. It became underneath the Bodhi tree that Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment. The Bodhi tree is considered an area where possible people are trying to find a haven from worldly goals.

Baha’i Belief System

As per Baha’i ideals, the manifestation of God, in reality, takes place through the tree of existence. ‘Baha’u’lah,’ the founding father of the Baha’i faith, is himself considered as the tree of life. The ‘Book of Covenant’ too is likewise related to the tree of lifestyles.


Assyrian Beliefs

In Assyrian culture, a series of crisscrossing strains and nodes have been used to depict the tree of life. The meaning of this symbol is multivalent (it has many distinctive meanings). Even the clergymen and students are not sure about what its specific interpretation/translation might be.

Tree of Life Symbolism

The symbol of life represents qualities like awareness, power, protection, splendor, bounty, and redemption. The image is likewise used to symbolize the ‘Creator.’ This tree is related to the creator because it gives safety and supports plentiful fruit manufacturing & regeneration. The analogy also can be used to explain the lifestyles of people. It is said that people develop ‘roots’ of beliefs and ‘department out’ by using know-how—the ‘trunk’ i.E. The thoughts & body hold the roots of ideas and branches of knowledge linked with each other.

Celtic Beliefs

The Celts believed that timber held superb powers, providing human beings with meals, refuge, and heat. Different kinds of dwelling beings, including bugs and animals, took a haven in timber. These creatures had been sustained using the tree of lifestyles. The symbol of the Celtic tree of lifestyles is a historical one, and it has a protracted culture. Today, the image is depicted in much extraordinary paperwork. Different parts of the Celtic tree of lifestyles are assigned exceptional meanings. Roots are considered the foundation of the tree; roots additionally characterize the opposite world. The trunk connects branches and roots. Therefore, it’s miles associated with the mortal international. It is assumed that branches connect the world above and below them. The motive behind the Celtic tree of lifestyles being fantastically revered is that nature is worshiped through this image. In the Gaelic language, the tree of life is referred to as the ‘crane bet had.’

Animal Symbolism

In distinct cultures worldwide, many exclusive animal symbols had been included inside the tree of existence depictions. The dragon and phoenix are depicted in artistic endeavors alongside the tree of life. The dragon symbolizes immortality; its miles are depicted at the bottom of the tree, whereas Phoenix is located at the top. The depiction of worldwide bushes of Mesoamerica comprises pictures of animals. Birds reside in branches of that timber. Representation of the underworld with the help of a water monster by roots is also observed in them.