We stay in an age wherein one can also take more than a hundred “selfies” until an excellent one is snapped. After which, a great thirty minutes is spent enhancing the photo before posting it on social media portals. Digital pictures shape such an intrinsic part of our lives that any photograph app with passable competencies is an absolute no-no.

Frequent users of iPhoto, the proprietary photograph organizer, viewer, and manipulator for Mac (also available for iOS), have combined opinions regarding their reports with it. Some say it is an outstanding tool that has revolutionized how they deal with photographs from myriad assets on their diverse Apple devices. Others criticize it for the naked minimum image-editing features it offers.

But that isn’t always the only purpose humans have started seeking something new. All devices strolling the currently launched iOS eight compelled iPhoto customers to migrate to the new Photos app (which, even though outstanding in its way, handles things completely differently). This gave iPhoto customers another reason to search for an alternative quickly. A perfect substitute became taken into consideration to be an app that combines iPhoto’s super skill of shopping photos from various apps and folders, online albums, and external/iCloud-related gadgets with the capability to edit snapshots (at least to the extent of applying image filters and results if now not to the caliber of sophisticated software like Adobe Photoshop).

  • Buzzle has prepared a list of apps that you could pick from.
  • The Best Alternatives to iPhoto
  • Picasa
  • Developer: Google
  • Platform: – Mac OS and Windows


• Can procure images from every nook and nook on the customers’ computer and display them in one vicinity.
• Allows users to prepare photos in terms of both Albums or Folders. Albums can only be viewed in the software program, whereas adding/deleting/moving pictures in Folders impacts the real folder on the consumer’s PC.
• Supports facial popularity and permits customers to find their images on the idea of the faces tagged with the People setting.
• Supports a good sized quantity of photograph-modifying features from primary fixes like cropping, brightness and contrast altering, and pink-eye correction to superior features like filters and outcomes. If used for editing, the software constantly preserves unique images.
• Allows users to directly percentage files via e-mail or add them to Web Albums where 1GB of the storage area is unfastened.




• Comes with a handy picture browser, which may be used to view photographs on the Mac.
• Procures pix from several related picture manipulation apps, like Adobe Lightroom, iPhoto, and Aperture, and what’s greater, it opens pix of any record layout.
• Supports geotagging, a function that permits customers to tag their pix in conjunction with the place they have been clicked and they view them on a map.
• Comes with a giant array of image-enhancing functions, from fundamental to superior. It even supports photograph modifying of uncooked images, and that too, at the metadata level.
• Photos may be shared on several portals directly from the app and Facebook, Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, and Dropbox.

  • Cost: Free demo version with constrained capabilities; full model charges USD 20
  • Mac
  • Pixar
  • Developer: Shiny Frog
  • Platform: Mac OS X 10.7.3 or higher


• Essentially improves on the first-rate function of iPhoto- convenient organization of images.
• Supports each feasible image layout, including raw formats, and procures images from Mac.
• Automatically tags snapshots even on the premise of unconventional parameters like color and size.
• Allows customers to sort photos into Live Folders where their actual vicinity on Mac will not trade.
• Allows customers to take screenshots of precise snapshots or pages.
• Allows users to conveniently percentage photographs on Dropbox or CloudApp or export them to an external device.

  • Cost: Full version fees USD 30; the trial demo is free to download.
  • Mac
  • Unbound
  • Developer: Pixite LLC
  • Platform: Mac OS X and iOS


• Procures images from Mac and allows handy organization into Albums.
• Avoids duplication of photographs―adjust the prevailing record shape on the computer.
• Works faster than iPhoto. Also, it automatically updates adjustments made to the pix from outside the app.
• Synchronizes with Dropbox and also helps direct sharing to social media portals.
• Supports geotagging of images.


• Allows users to browse all of the pics on their computer conveniently.
• Surpasses all the others in phrases of photo-enhancing capability―includes several handy picture correction equipment and filters.
• Allows users to work on pictures in batches in addition to in my view.
• Allows customers to create collages, merge images, and even create animated GIF pix.
• Supports screen size.
• Supports direct sharing of images on social media structures.

Cost: Free to download iMac/Windows

While many of the apps referred to above let you manipulate pictures on a very exact scale, right down to its meta tags, others have advanced at the fundamental capability of photograph sorting that iPhoto prides itself on. With more than one mouse click, they also permit users to discover a selected photograph they are searching for from a litter of unorganized files, pix, motion pictures, and God knows what. Even iPhoto-loyalists want now not to fear the ‘darkish’ future when this app is no longer in distribution, as they have a plethora of alternatives to pick out from.