Most of the time, wild animals want nothing to do with people. Whether or not you’re on a tenting ride or a zoo tour wherein you and your boyfriend drop acid and end up within the macaque enclosure, there are a variety of methods you might stumble upon a wild animal. But, if you somehow turn out to be head-to-head with one, preserve these suggestions in your thoughts.

Wild-Animal Encounters

Make Yourself Big

This is critical. If you encounter a wild animal, try and intimidate it. That method is status tall and waving your hands—do something you may seem to enforce. Here’s why: You’re about to die (no survival risk) and might as well exit with a bang.

Stand Your Ground

I’m telling you right now: you’re not leaving this alive. I want to God you hadn’t encountered this grizzly endure. I hope you’ve long gone to Barcelona as you originally planned. But rather, you went with the eleven-day Alaska trek. Did you know it’s horrible to be around grizzlies when they emerge from hibernation? That took me five seconds to Google. I’m no longer pointing fingers; it’s miles from what it’s far. So puff out your chest, stand in an extensive X function, and meet your destiny like a person.

Stay Calm

You just died. I recognize it isn’t enjoyable. But don’t panic. Death is a rebirth and could be a stunning enjoyment if you permit it. It sounds corny but goes in the direction of the mild. Allow your soul to detach out of your body and float gently upward. Whatever you do, don’t look down at your body. It’ll simply freak you out. Seriously, do no longer appear down at— O.K. You did it. You regarded down at your frame. Hoo boy. Well, that’s going to set you returned. Because proper, now you’re in surprise. And pretty soon, you’re going to begin shrieking. Unfortunately, doing so makes the transition much less first-class. All right, you’re shrieking up a storm. I realize it feels not possible; however, I try to relax. Trust me; shrieking best makes it— Ah, shit. Your soul’s breaking into a gazillion tiny debris because of all this hysterical shrieking. You are in for one rocky journey. The reunification process can take closing days if no longer weeks. I’m begging you, take some deep breaths. Just take even one breath among shrieks. Can we do this? One shriek, one breath? Sh-hh. Sh-hh. That’s it. Good! You’re doing remarkable.

Slowly Retreat

Head to the area of natural light, where you’re one with all beings. This is the Heaven element. It turns out anybody gets to go to Heaven! It’s just that your Heaven experience relies upon how many HeavenBucks you have to spend. Hey, do you feel like some appropriate information? Getting eaten alive scored you fifteen HeavenBucks. That’s a lot—you only need three to shop for a gun. And you could use your leftover dollars for plenty of different stuff, like EarthTix, which assists you in going back to Earth for an afternoon to do a wide variety of factors, like watching human beings have intercourse, or—nicely, there need to be other uses for EarthTix, but that’s the only one I’ve seen people cross for.

Bang Pots and Pans to Scare the Animal Away

I need to have mentioned this in advance. Again, I express regret for not suggesting pots and pans before. This certainly could have helped a lot. In truth, it possibly might have achieved the trick. For something motive, pots and pans are just sincerely powerful—way more than simply status up and waving your palms around, as you did. I virtually hope we can flow past this.

Wild-Animal Encounters

Stay Downwind of the Animal

Yeah, you probably should have commenced with this one. Look, I sense like an absolute ass here.

Play Dead

O.K., I admit I’ve been preoccupied. I’m going through a lot. It’s no excuse for being so off my recreation, but there it’s far. Seriously, I’m furious with myself. Playing lifeless works virtually properly quite a few of the time, too. God is rattling it. At any price, I wager now you’ve mastered this step, huh? Sorry. Too quickly? Here, take ten of my HeavenBucks.

Hey, in which are you going?

Very humorous. You just cashed to your HeavenBucks to devote a HeavenMurder, and you’re on foot toward me with a violent glint in your eye. Listen, “killing” me would possibly sense proper inside the moment, but what will it perform? It gained’t delivers you lower back to existence, and I gained’t without a doubt die, I’ll diffuse into a mist for, like, forty-5 minutes.

Look, for two HeavenBucks; I’ll take you to the bear that killed you. The park ranger tracked it down and shot it dead. Wouldn’t it be amusing to kick the carcass or something? I don’t recognize it. All right, I’m going to make myself large now. I will stand in an extensive X position and keep my fingers over my head to intimidate you! Hey! Hey! Go away, O.K.? Ouch! That’s my skull! Sorry if it’s a sore subject, but why didn’t you do that with the bear? ♦