I regularly pay attention to better halves attempting very difficult to save their marriages after their husband’s affair. There are generally several problems they are warfare with; however, one of the most persuasive is the other woman and their husband’s emotions. They worry that the husband “isn’t over” her, or nonetheless thinks about her, or maybe nevertheless desires her.

One of the extra commonplace questions that I get is, “does my husband nonetheless think about the opposite female even though the affair is meant to be over and we are purported to be trying to keep our marriage? Sometimes, I notice him having a pipe dream, and I have a very sturdy feeling that he considers her. When I ask him approximately this, he denies it. But I suppose he’s afraid to inform the reality because he knows it will harm me. How can I compete with this whilst supposedly, she’s now not in the photo? How do guys without a doubt sense about the opposite woman once the affair is over?”

The solutions to those questions are as complicated as the humans, and the relationships are concerned. Men’s feelings about the opposite female after the affair range substantially and can exchange over the years. I will talk about this greater within the following article.

Some Men See The Other Woman And The Situation Quite Clearly After The Affair Is Over: Although their wives do not accept as true with them, some men insist to me that they are spotless at the reality that the opposite man or woman changed into a huge mistake. Most of the men are that this category will say such things as “I do not know what I was wondering. Looking returned now, I become a fool. My spouse doesn’t trust that I do not nevertheless think about her. However, I truly do not. And, if I do, it is to think about how silly I became and what kind of I risked.”

If that is the reaction you’re hearing out of your husband, you may look to his moves for confirmation once in a while. It could be that once he drifts off if he is even thinking of her at all, it is the manner this is just described. And, if he’s doing the whole thing that he can to make this proper and is displaying himself to be sincere, remorseful, and imminent, then on occasion, you can save yourself loads of time and grief in case you’re capable of understanding that you may not even be capable of examining his thoughts. However, you can look at his movements to see if his intentions suit his phrases. Beyond that, you surely need to choose whether you want to accept them as true with him until he offers you a concrete reason not to.

Men Still Think

Depending On How The Affair Ended, Some Men Do Still Think About The Other Woman: When the affair’s end is still quite fresh, many men will nevertheless have a few residual feelings. Many of them admit to me that due to the fact the relationship ended all of a sudden, they may experience as though they lack some closure, and this could motivate them to look again.

Or, if their spouse is lashing out and making existence pretty hard for them (even if they deserve this), they could appear again fairly longingly to the time earlier than you knew about the affair and the autumn out happened. They might sometimes equate these emotions to the opposite character. And once in a while, they will tell themselves that they absolutely did have sturdy feelings for her that are not just going to quit overnight because each one wants them to. Many of them will tell themselves such things as: “I chose my circle of relatives and am trying to do the right issue. But I do nonetheless have some emotions. I can not help those feelings. I don’t want to have them, but occasionally I do. What’s critical is that I’m now not performing on them.” Over time, these feelings can notably exchange and regularly begin to wane. It’s often whilst the whole thing remains sparkling, and each person is still reeling that the feelings might be the most powerful.


How To Handle It When You Suspect He Still Has Feelings For The Other Woman: Here’s the hassle with this whole state of affairs. Neither you nor your husband can manipulate his feelings. (He can manipulate whether he acts on them, though.) Many guys will say that they absolutely do not want to have these feelings for her. However, they creep into his head, and he has no control over them. I know that it is very tempting to preserve asking him approximately those emotions, but in my view, that’s the incorrect name. You do not want to continue to draw his interest again to her. If you’re trying to store your marriage, then you definitely need for his interest to be on you and the wedding.

Sometimes, you should trust yourself and the process and know that the struggles will be more when sparkling matters. It would help if you trusted that things would dramatically enhance on all fronts as you’re able to rehabilitate the marriage and rebuild. And, it generally just takes some time for him with a purpose to see matters as genuinely as he needs to so as for his emotions to follow.

The backside line is frequently that after you can remodel and enhance your marriage, the point of interest must shift to the 2 of you and nobody else. But, if you preserve residing in this topic and bring his interest to it without permitting time to work, you can nicely reason each of you more pain and frustration than is essential.